“Yellow and red puss came out” – Kurt Angle reveals how horrible incident ended his brother’s wrestling career


Eric Angle, the brother of Kurt Angle had a short stint in the WWE

Kurt Angle is widely considered to be one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. The WWE and TNA Hall of Famer had an amazing pro-wrestling career that spanned over 20 years.

Having won the Gold medal in Wrestling’s heavyweight division at the 1996 Summer Olympics, Angle shot to fame when he was roped in by the WWE in 1998.

Kurt Angle
"Yellow and red puss came out" - Kurt Angle reveals how horrible incident ended his brother's wrestling career 2

He also had a brother named Eric Angle who was a part of the WWE from 2000-2003. However, his career was cut short by a serious arm injury.

In the recent episode of The Kurt Angle Show Podcast, Angle explained how a horrible injury and a huge bottle-job from the doctors ended his brother’s wrestling career.

Angle explained that his brother Eric had to undergo a surgery following a bicep tear that almost tore the tendon right off the arm’s bone.

Angle went on to say that his brother was in excruciating pain after the surgery and had hence gone and asked the doctor to remove the cast from his arm, since he felt that there was something else going on with his arm.

But the doctors assured him that everything would be fine and that the pain was due to the surgery and not anything else.

Unable to bear the pain, Eric had decided to cut off the cast with the saw. And only upon cutting it with the saw he released that there was a huge infection in his arm.

Kurt Angle reveals Eric Angle couldn’t sue the doctor or the hospital

Then, Eric had reached the hospital and had informed the doctors that he was right and they were wrong.

Kurt Angle then revealed how the doctors refused to take the blame and decided to blame his brother Eric for sawing off the cast. The only good thing in this whole story was the WWE paid for Eric’s surgery.

Angle explained:

“What he did, he looked at the incision and there was a huge infection. He pushed on the incision and all this yellow and red puss came out. He went directly to the hospital after the Home Depot and he said ‘Look, I told you there was an infection.’ The hospital to protect their ass and for liability said in the report that my brother sawed off his cast and got the infection by sawing off his cast. You don’t get an infection in 10 minutes, he was at the Home Depot 10 minutes prior to when he went to the hospital and they did that to cover their ass and it ended my brother’s career. He couldn’t sue the doctor or the hospital, WWE let him go and thank god they paid for his surgery before they let him go which was pretty cool.” [via WrestlingInc]

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