“Ultimate troll”, “Tampering with WWE contracts” – Wrestling world reacts to Kenny Omega seemingly appearing on SmackDown’s ThunderDome


Kenny Omega, of AEW, made a surprise appearance on SmackDown’s ThunderDome

WWE ThunderDome got a new fan, of sorts, with AEW’s Kenny Omega making an appearance.

Now Omega didn’t feature on SmackDown but one of the fans seemed to be the AEW star.

Vince McMahon opened this week's SmackDown
Vince McMahon was out to show off ThunderDome (WWE)

Omega has never featured on any WWE show and has been linked with the promotion in the past.

However, he is one of the senior officials on AEW and one of their top stars too. Omega is a top star in Japan too and currently holds the AEW Tag titles alongside Adam Page.

This certainly got a lot of people talking but Omega tried to calm things down. It seems unlikely that he was set to move to WWE anytime soon and added he just wanted to have some fun.

He also didn’t think anyone would be able to see him:

However, it seems that this was a fan making an appearance on ThunderDome and Omega could have just been playing along.

A big positive for WWE?

ThunderDome has been a bit hit or miss on WWE but it does bring the fans closer to the action.

AEW, for their part, brought some fans over during the recent Dynamite show but there were some terms and conditions over that.

However, they beat WWE to getting the fans over into a stadium. WWE have constantly sold out the registrations for the ThunderDome ahead of all their shows and Omega coming onto the show is another bonus for them.

While the AEW star might have joked about appearing on SmackDown, it led to a lot of talk on social media.

AEW and WWE have been battling hard to get viewers on TV with the Wednesday Night Wars. That has changed a bit recently as AEW has changed its broadcast due to the NBA playoffs.

Many fans loved ‘Omega’ coming onto SmackDown while others brought out that Omega might have been joking about making an appearance:





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