Drew McIntyre left unimpressed after Jeff Jarrett’s Royal Rumble prediction


WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett gave his Royal Rumble prediction

The Royal Rumble is scheduled to take place on January 31st this year, and it already has two confirmed title fights.

Apart from the thrilling Royal Rumble match itself, the WWE Universal Championship is on the line, and so is the WWE Heavyweight Championship.

Drew McIntyre will defend his belt against the returning Goldberg in less than 2 week’s time. Despite having Covid-19 at the moment, he is expected to recover just in time for the fight.

Drew McIntyre confirmed he was positive for the Coronavirus
Drew McIntyre confirmed he wanted to face Goldberg at Royal Rumble. (WWE)

And now, former WWE wrestler Jeff Jarrett has weighed in with his prediction for the title bout at the Rumble.

Jarrett says that he predicts Goldberg will be the new heavyweight champion going into February. Not only that, he predicted exactly how the fight would go down.

Drew McIntyre scoffs at Jeff Jarrett for his Royal Rumble prediction

Jarrett says that Goldberg will deliver his signature move, Spear, followed by his finisher, Jackhammer, and will win the match via pinfall.

“We’re gonna see a SPEAR. We are gonna see a JACKHAMMER. We’re gonna see a 1-2-3! And we’re gonna see a NEW #WWEChampion!”

Drew McIntyre is obviously not going to be pleased with this prediction. He quoted the tweet and replied it with a simple GIF.

The GIF features The Chosen One condescendingly saying “okay”. He clearly implies that he is not bothered by his prediction. Recently, Bully Ray and Dave LaGreca went on to say that WWE could finally see McIntyre lose his belt.

They suggested that WWE could make him seem weak and feeble due to Covid-19 and play it as a perfect excuse to have a new champion.

Drew McIntyre will face Goldberg at Royal Rumble 2021 for the heavyweight championship. (WWE)
Drew McIntyre will face Goldberg at Royal Rumble 2021 for the heavyweight championship. (WWE)

Whether that actually happens remains to be seen, but his two and a half month reign may well be over with Goldberg targeting his first heavyweight championship.

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