Dolph Ziggler takes slight dig at WWE legend over facing star during his prime


Dolph Ziggler wants to fight ‘Sean Michaels’

Dolph Ziggler took a shot at Shawn Michaels saying he wanted to fight ‘Sean Michaels’.

The Showoff was taking part in a Q+A session and was asked who he wanted to wrestle from their prime.

Dolph Ziggler
Dolph Ziggler is a former WWE Heavyweight champion (Image credit: Getty)

Ziggler took a slight dig at HBK and replied:

“Sean Michaels, before he became a nice guy”

On a very special episode of Miz TV in June 2019, Michaels and Ziggler started throwing WrestleMania go-home show level haymakers at one another.

After Ziggler called Michaels’ comeback in Saudi Arabia an embarrassment, The Heartbreak Kid retorted with a mic drop of his own.

Shawn Michaels Royal Rumble
Shawn Michaels is known as Mr WrestleMania (Image credit: Getty)

Shawn tweeted,

”You know what’s embarrassing to me? It’s to work your whole career, give everything you got and to STILL be known as a SECOND-RATE @ShawnMichaels WANNABE!” DANG, SHAWN! @HEELZiggler #SDLive.”

Ziggler said he used to idolize Michaels, but after his comeback match at Crown Jewel last year, he said Michaels threw that all away and it was an embarrassing performance that tarnished his legacy.

HBK was heated about what The Showoff said, but responded by saying Ziggler was right. It was embarrassing and not up to the standards of what Michaels used to be, which was arguably the greatest in-ring talent in the history of the business.

Ziggler reflects on Money in the Bank cash-in

Seven years ago, Ziggler cashed in on Alberto Del Rio to win the World Heavyweight Championship in front of one of the rowdiest crowds we’ve ever seen in WWE.

Del Rio was injured in his match against Jack Swagger, leaving the door open for the Ziggler cash-in attempt.

Dolph Ziggler and Otis battled it out for a position in the Money in the Bank match
Dolph Ziggler and Otis battled it out on this week’s SmackDown (WWE)

Years later, Ziggler had a chance to look back and reflect on that moment. Speaking on WWE’s The Bump, Ziggler discussed what was going through his mind during that moment.

He said, “I love that an injured Del Rio almost had me beat three different times. It’s a thing of beauty, whether you know how good I am or you’re a fan of the business or don’t know what’s going on, you watch that four minutes and you live and die three different times.

“I don’t know if that could happen to anybody else. A good friend of mine, Justin Roberts, making the call, a shout out to Howard Finkel with ‘AND NEWWWWW’ knowing that all happened because of the fans.”

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