Ronda Rousey seems to have left WWE for good and Charlotte Flair believes one match did the damage

Charlotte Flair has been in some incredible battles over the years and she has faced almost every top star in WWE.

Charlotte Flair and Io Shirai battled for the NXT title (WWE)
Charlotte Flair and Io Shirai battled for the NXT title (WWE)

One of those was Ronda Rousey as the former UFC Champion rose up the ranks in WWE. Rousey became the Raw Women’s Champion and even faced Flair at Survivor Series in 2018. This was one of her several battles against Flair, but the Queen seemed to have a different take on this battle.

Rousey won the match via disqualification after Flair attacked her with a few kendo sticks. Flair also suggested that this was the match that ended Rousey’s love of wanting to wrestle:

The kendo stick attacks weren’t all that Charlotte threw at Rousey. The Queen even fought some officials and used a steel chair on the former UFC champion.

Flair was fined for her actions on the following SmackDown but this was a message sent to Rowdy Rousey.

Both stars missing in WWE

While Rousey left WWE in hopes of starting a family, it is unclear if she will ever return. Her time in WWE was filled with ups and downs as she won the top titles but it never seemed like she was accepted by the WWE Universe.

Charlotte, for her part, is still one of the best workers in the business and last won the NXT Women’s Title from Rhea Ripley.

Charlotte destroyed Ronda Rousey in the match
Charlotte destroyed Ronda Rousey in the match

However, the Queen has been missing from WWE action after undergoing breast surgery. Charlotte has posted several photos of her working out in a gym but it is unclear when she will be back.

The Queen could do a great job in any of the three brands for sure, and it will be interesting to see in which one she features.

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