Bayley reacts to Angel Garza hilariously kicking rose into Drew Gulak on RAW


Angel Garza makes true on his promise and shoves rose ‘into’ Drew Gulak after his match

For a number of weeks now, Angel Garza has been relegated to the backstage on WWE. First, he got a beating from Drew McIntyre before the Scotsman’s title match against Bobby Lashley.

Then, he had that whole thing with Nia Jax and Reginald backstage. And on this week’s RAW, he finally got to see some time inside the ring.

Garza was backstage… again… with a rose in his hand… again. But this time, he was called out for it by Gulak, who joked that maybe the rose was for him.

Angel Garza and Drew Gulak went head-to-head on WWE RAW this week.
Angel Garza and Drew Gulak went head-to-head on WWE RAW this week. (WWE)

He went on to make fun of Garza’s record inside the ring and heat between the heat to led to a match being set up on the same night. But Garza made a special promise.

‘The Lethal Lothario’ said that he will beat Gulak and then shove a rose up his… well, you know where.

Angel Garza makes true on his promise and punishes Drew Gulak after RAW win

The match went ahead, and just as you would know it, Garza made quick work of his opponent. What many fans thought was a figure of speech then turned out to be true.

Garza put a rose inside Gulak’s tights and then delivered a brutal kick on his behind while Gulak lay on the floor helplessly.

Promise delivered. And one fellow WWE superstar who seemed to be enjoying the action from the sides was former WWE SmackDown women’s champion, Bayley.


One fan even suggested that the two should combine to make a tag team, an idea which he says he isn’t opposed to. Well, looks like Bayley should be expecting a rose sometime soon.

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