WWE Hell in a Cell 2022 Match Card Updated


The upcoming WWE pay-per-view is the Hell in a Cell and we already got a couple of fantastic matches lined up.

The build-up to WWE Hell in a Cell 2022 has already begun. On the May 16 episode of Raw, two monumental matches were announced.

Hell in a Cell 2022 – poster

Cody Rhodes versus Seth Rollins – Hell in a Cell match

After two epic battles between two generational talents at WrestleMania 38 and WrestleMania Backlash, the third installment has been announced and we cannot wait.

On the May 9 episode of Raw, Rhodes was set to take on Theory for the latter’s United States Championship. Before the match, he was interviewed at gorilla and he said he wanted to move on from Rollins.

However, as the American Nightmare was looking to close in on his first title since returning to WWE, the Visionary appeared out of nowhere and assaulted him.

On the following week’s episode of Raw, the former AEW Star challenged Rollins to a match at Hell in a Cell. However, the challenge was not for any normal match but inside a Hell in a Cell. The former Shield member appeared on the tron and accepted the challenge to give us another dream match.

Bianca Belair (c) versus Asuka versus Becky Lynch – Raw Women’s Championship Match

On the May 16 episode of Raw, the no. 1 contender for Bianca Belair’s Raw Women’s Championship was set to be determined in a six-pack challenge involving Nikki A.S.H., Doudrop, Asuka, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and Naomi.

However, Banks and Naomi exited the building after the Boss had a difference in opinion regarding the creative direction of the six-pack challenge match. Later on, WWE had to change this match into a one-on-one competition where Asuka and Lynch went one-on-one to determine the no. 1 contender.

The Empress of Tomorrow came out victorious in the match.

‘The Man’ did not waste time as on the following episode of Raw, she complained to Adam Pearce that Asuka had cheated her way to becoming the No. 1 contender. Pearce gave her another chance to get into the title picture. Lynch faced Asuka later in the show with a stipulation that if the Irish Lass Kicker managed to win, she would be added to the Belair-Asuka match at Hell in a Cell, making it a triple-threat match for the Raw Women’s Championship. Lynch managed to pick up the win and punch her ticket to Hell in a Cell.

The EST of WWE will now defend her title for the first time in a pay-per-view as she was absent from the WrestleMania Backlash match card.

Bobby Lashley versus Omos and MVP – 2 on 1 Handicap match

Bobby Lashley challenged MVP to a match on the May 23 episode of Raw. The winner of the match would get the chance to pick the stipulation for the Omos versus Lashley match at Hell in a Cell.

Omos was at ringside during the match and took every opportunity to beat the Almighty behind the referee’s back. In the end, it was Omos’ attack on Lashley which prevented the former WWE Champion to get back in the ring in time. MVP won the match as Lashley was counted out. Lashley, however, had his revenge after the match as he put MVP in the Hurt Lock.

MVP later mentioned the stipulation for the Omos versus Lashley match at Hell in a Cell during an episode of RAW Talk. The shrewd MVP added himself to the match as Omos’ partner and now the odds will be stacked against Lashley as he will face both his rivals at the same time.

Kevin Owens versus Ezekiel

Kevin Owens has hated Ezekiel since his arrival. The former Universal Champion has asked Ezekiel many times to reveal himself as Elias. However, Ezekiel has been firm in stating that he is Elias’ younger brother.

On the May 23 episode of Raw, Ezekiel defeated Chad Gable in a one-on-one match. Kevin Owens tried to attack Ezekiel after the match but the latter escaped into the crowd. A frustrated Owens challenged Ezekiel to a match at Hell in a Cell and it was made official moments later.

Owens has formed an alliance with the Alpha Academy. It’s almost certain that Ezekiel will have to deal with Gable and Otis at some point in time during the match at Hell in a Cell.

The Judgement Day versus Finn Balor, AJ Styles, and Liv Morgan

It started with AJ Styles and Edge prior to WrestleMania 38. Slowly, four other superstars have been added to the feud and it will come to a head at Hell in a Cell. Finn Balor and AJ Styles were doing well to thwart Damian Priest and Edge but after Rhea Ripley joined The Judgement Day, the former Bullet Club members needed a female wrestler to match her.

Liv Morgan was the best choice as she had retribution on her mind already against the Nightmare. Ripley and Morgan were former tag team partners until the former turned on her friend.

Now it has come down to this match at Hell in a Cell where all six wrestlers will be involved. There is a possibility that we will get to see a new member added to the heel faction at the pay-per-view who will help them to win the match.

Theory (c) versus Mustafa Ali – United States Championship

Mustafa Ali has been demanding a shot at Theory’s United States Championship but Mr. McMahon’s protege has made him suffer by using unfair means.

Finally, the former leader of Retribution will get the chance to face Theory in what WWE is advertising as a fair fight. However, it is expected that Theory will try to use some underhanded tactics to retain the belt.

Mustafa Ali did get a shot at the United States Championship on the Hell in a Cell go-home episode of RAW. However, that was after he had taken a beating at the hands of Tommaso Ciampa and Theory. Theory retained the title. Adam Pearce came out to announce that Theory will once again face Ali at Hell in a Cell. The two extremely talented superstars will surely put on a spectacle.

Madcap Moss versus Happy Corbin – No holds barred match

After losing to Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 38, Happy Corbin blamed Madcap Moss for the defeat. Moss was becoming popular day by day and Corbin finally turned on him out of jealousy. Both men went back and forth with Moss jokingly calling Corbin a “big bald wolf” during his promos

Things got serious when Corbin brutally assaulted Moss on an episode of SmackDown. Corbin wrapped a chair around the neck of Moss and dropped the Andre the Giant trophy on it. Moss missed a couple of weeks of action recovering from the attack until he returned on the last SmackDown before Hell in a Cell. Adam Pearce scheduled a match between Moss and Corbin. However, the former 24/7 Champion lost his temper and attacked Corbin with a chair. Moss got disqualified as a result.

Adam Pearce later announced that Moss will take on Corbin at Hell in a Cell in a No Holds Barred match. With the animosity that has grown over the last couple of months between these two, the match promises to be a brutal affair.

When is the event, where to watch, and who all will be seen in action?

Hell in a Cell will be the fifth main roster Premium Live Event of 2022. We have already had Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, WrestleMania 38, and WrestleMania Backlash.

The event will be held at the Allstate Arena near Chicago, Illinois on Sunday, June 5, 2022. HIAC will be available for fans in the United Kingdom to watch on WWE Network and on Peacock for fans who are based in the United States. Time: Main Show – 8:00 PM EST, Pre-show – 7:00 PM EST.

The excitement is building as the event is knocking on the doors.

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