WWE Raw Results, winners, and grades, 16 May 2022: Bobby Lashley-Omos Steel Cage Match

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We start with the Raw results, winners, and grades

Will The Judgement Day add more members to their already formidable faction? It will be interesting to see what direction Alexa Bliss’ story takes, now that she has made her much-awaited comeback to WWE television.

Raw Results
Raw Results

MVP and Omos made their way to the ring. The former took a microphone and welcomed the fans to Monday Night Raw. He said on one side there is Bobby Lashley who wanted to hog the spotlight all by himself and on the other side there is the Nigerian giant Omos.

MVP expects Lashley to put up a good fight because that is the kind of person he is. However, Omos will annihilate the former WWE Champion inside the steel cage. He ended by saying the WWE Universe is lucky to live in the era of Omos. As Lashley was making his way to the ring, Cedric Alexander attacked him from behind.

Omos and MVP joined in to make it a three-on-one brawl. However, the referees and officials came out and separated the 4 men. Lashley entered the cage and called out Omos as he was not ready to waste any further time getting his hands on the Colossus.

Omos versus Bobby Lashley – Steel Cage Match

As the match started, Omos used his power and kneed Lashley on the head. As Lashley was taking a breather against the steel cage, MVP hit the Almighty with his cand much like how he helped Omos at WrestleMania Backlash. Lashley locked in the Sleeper hold but Omos powered out. MVP once again hit Lashley with the cane from outside the ring. Omos took advantage as he delivered Snake Eyes.

MVP got up on the stairs and slapped Lashley but the latter grabbed hold of his hand and pulled him against the steel cage to take him out. Lashley hit a spear for a near fall.

The veteran tried to get the Hurt Lock in but could not do so. Lashley went up on the top rope and was about to exit the ring when Alexander climbed the cage from the outside to intercept him. However, Alexander was tossed inside the ring from the top of the cage.

Omos caught hold of Lashley and tossed him into the wall of the steel cage. Omos nailed a big boot and dropped Lashley through the steel cage. Lashley gathered himself to step out of the ring to win the match as MVP and Omos were furious.

Winner – Bobby Lashley

Grade – B

Theory versus Mustafa Ali

Ali was about to fight Theory but the heel wanted to call someone who he could trust, to call the match. He called out The Miz as the special guest referee.

As the match was about to start, Theory said something did not feel right. He wanted to teach Ali the first lesson the United States Champion learned from his idol Vince McMahon and that is to “expect the unexpected”. Theory said Ali’s match will be against Veer Mahaan.

Veer Mahaan versus Mustafa Ali

Ali delivered a dropkick to start the match on a positive note. However, Veer was all over since that moment. Ali tried to build some momentum but Theory tripped him from the outside. Ali sidestepped Mahaan to send the heel outside the ring. As he was about to nail a high-flying move, The Miz got in his way. Miz and Ali got involved in a war of words before the A-lister hit him with a punch.

As Ali was about to retaliate, Mahaan knocked him out with a Million dollar arm. He followed it up with a Cervical Clutch to make Ali tap out. Theory entered the ring and asked Mahaan to lock in the Cervical Clutch once again so that he could take a selfie.

He got his wish. Miz and Theory ordered Mahaan to clear the announce table so that they could drop Ali but the returning Mysterios came to the aid of the former Retribution leader. Rey and Dominik took out Mahaan outside the ring to end the segment.

Winner – Veer Mahaan

Grade – D

We were supposed to have a six-pack challenge involving Sasha Banks, Naomi, Becky Lynch, Asuka, Nikki A.S.H., and Doudrop to determine the No. 1 contender for the Raw Women’s Championship later in the night. However, Lynch informed Pearce backstage that she saw Banks and Naomi exit the arena a few minutes ago with their bags.

Pearce changed the match and made it a one-on-one encounter featuring Becky Lynch and Asuka to determine the No. 1 contender.

Riddle versus Jimmy Uso

Jey Uso distracted Riddle to allow Jimmy to take advantage. Orton was not there to even the odds. Jey was taking every opportunity to aid his brother. Jimmy took out Riddle outside the ring and launched him into the steel stairs. Jimmy was in total control as action resumed after a commercial break. The heel kept on wearing down Riddle with a chin lock.

However, Riddle increased the pace of the match nailing some offensive maneuvers to rattle Jimmy. Riddle attempted a Senton but Jimmy got hai knees up. Jimmy hit a pop-up Samoan drop for a near fall. Jimmy went up on the top rope but Riddle joined him up there and attempted to deliver a Super RKO. However, Jimmy dropped him and went for a Frog Splash but Riddle got his knees up.

Riddle went up on the top rope trying to go for the Floating Bro but Jey dropped him. Jimmy rolled up his opponent and Jey gave support to ensure the pin but the referee saw it. He ordered Jey to go backstage and Jimmy was furious. Riddle took advantage of the distraction and rolled up Jimmy to pick up the victory.

Winner – Riddle

Grade – B

The Judgement Day wants everyone to join their movement

Liv Morgan was interviewed backstage. She said Rhea Ripley is not going to get away after brutally attacking her last week. Liv said that she never backs down from a fight. She was interrupted by Humberto Carrillo and Angel Garza who said they wanted to cheer her up with kisses. However, Liv was not interested. AJ Styles and Finn Balor came to the scene and asked Los Lotharios to leave.

After their departure, Styles and Balor explained Liv that the three of them should work together to thwart The Judgement Day. They invited Liv to join them at ringside later on but the former Riott squad member was surprisingly reluctant. She said she was not sure and would think about it.

The Judgement Day cut a promo from a dark room. Priest said they will take out all the heroes of the WWE Universe. Ripley stated that nothing is going to hold her back anymore. Edge asked Balor, Styles, and Liv to join The Judgement Day’s movement. The Hall of Famer stated that either they could stand beside them or lay down at their feet time and time again.

AJ Styles and Finn Balor versus Los Lotharios

Styles and Balor were accompanied to the ring by Liv Morgan. Carrillo and Styles started the match. Styles and Balor made a few quick tags before Carrillo stomped the veteran Styles. The heel tagged in Garza as both of them isolated Styles. The former Bullet Club members laid out Los Lotharios outside with crossbodies from over the ropes to send us into a commercial break.

Back from the commercial break Carrillo and Garza were wearing down Styles in their corner of the ring. Morgan got the crowd cheering for Styles, who used the energy to drop Carrillo with an enzuigiri and tagged Balor. The first-ever Universal Champion picked up the pace and took out both members of the Los Lotharios before Garza dropped him with a kick. Garza took out Styles with a dropkick before being laid out by Balor with a Sling Blade.

The match ended with Styles delivering a Phenomenal Forearm to Garza while Balor met Carrillo with the Coup de Grace to get the pinfall victory. Morgan, Styles, and Balor celebrated in the ring with the Bullet Club signature gesture.

Winner – Finn Balor and AJ Styles

Grade – B

Chad Gable and Otis met Kevin Owens backstage. The DNA reports were out and it said that the test was contaminated with barbecue sauce. Owens and Gable doubted it was Otis who was the culprit. Owens lashed out at Otis before Gable said he will beat Ezekiel in the middle of the ring later in the night.

Alexa Bliss versus Sonya Deville

A rematch from last week as the five-time women’s champion goes head-to-head against the former WWE official. Deville and Bliss locked up in the middle of the ring. The heel was fired up as she showed no respect to her opponent. Bliss returned the favor with a slap.

Deville was much better this week compared to last week. She delivered some lethal moves to Bliss and even had a near fall after nailing a running knee. Deville tried to expose the turnbuckle but the referee saw it. As the referee got busy tying the ropes, Deville planted Bliss with a spinebuster.

The delay to start the count helped Bliss to recover and kick out. Deville was infuriated and got distracted to allow Bliss to drop her with a DDT to pick up another victory.

Winner – Alexa Bliss

Grade – C

Cody Rhodes challenges Seth Rollins to a Hell in a Cell match

Cody informed the WWE Universe that he has been told that Seth Rollins is not in the building. He said that last week Rollins said that he will never allow him to take anything away from the Visionary. Rhodes asked what he took away from Rollins. He beat him in two matches and deprived him off a winning bonus and that’s it. Cody took a trip down memory lane and revealed in 2012, when Rollins made his debut with The Shield, he was a bit sceptical. However, Rollins went to the top.Rhodes said he had to crawl his way and during that time he realised he will not become the American Dream so he embraced the Nightmare.

Ultimately, Rhodes challenged Rollins to a Hell in a Cell match. Rollins appeared on the tron and accepted the challenge. Rhodes said there is nothing else left to say other than, “see you in hell!”

Asuka was interviewed backstage and she said that Becky Lynch is a baby and she will teach her a lesson as she is ready for the Raw Women’s Champion but The Man is not ready for Asuka.

Ezekiel versus Chad Gable

Kevin Owens joined in on commentary. Ezekiel and Gable went back and forth in the ring while Owens and Byron Saxton were having a go at each other which was quite hilarious. Owens claimed he had met Elias’ parents but they never mentioned about having another son.

Ezekiel was dominating the match as he slammed Gable’s head on the ring apron but as the referee had his back turned, Otis laid out Ezekiel outside the ring as we went into a commercial break.

After we returned from the commercial break, Gable was in total control. He delivered a German Suplex for a near fall. Gable attempted a moonsault but Ezekiel moved out of the way. Ezekiel dropped Gable with a spinebuster. Gable leapt off the top rope but Ezekiel net him with a high knee. Gable, however, recovered to hit the moonsault finally. Ezekiel won the match in the end after he countered a cradle cover by Gable into a lateral press for the three count.

Winner – Ezekiel

Grade – B

R-Truth wants the 24/7 Championship back

R-Truth and Tamina were looking for Akira Tozawa backstage. They finally found him and served the divorce notice. Tozawa ran away after reading the notice. Dana Brooke appeared and she thanked Truth for serving Reggie the divorce notice last week. Truth said he needed some compensation and that is to get the 24/7 Championship back. Brooke ran away but unfortunately ran into Carmella.

Both women got involved in a war of words before Truth came from behind only to see that Brooke had fled. Carmella told Truth that she will help him win back the 24/7 Championship but in return she wants Dana Brooke.

Lacey Evans came out to the ring and addressed the WWE Universe. She said she respects the troops and asked everyone to give them a standing ovation. Evans thanked the fans for giving her great support since her return to WWE. She ended by saying she might not be better than the other women on the women’s division but she is certain that they are also not better than her.

Riddle cut a promo saying nobody is going to stop RK-Bro from coming to SmackDown this week and becoming the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions.

The Usos also cut a promo from a different area and said Riddle got lucky earlier in the night. However, on SmackDown, they will show who are the number 1.

Asuka versus Becky Lynch – No. 1 contender’s match for the Raw Women’s Championship

The Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair came in at ringside to watch this match from close quarters. Big Time Becks took control of the match early on as she delivered a Bexploder on the barricade as we went into a commercial break.

Back in the ring after a commercial break, both women swung hard. Lynch tried the ManHandle Slam but Asuka countered with an arm drag. Lynch hit a leg drop from the middle rope on Asuka and went for the cover but Asuka kicked out at 2. The Empress of Tomorrow tried to lock in the Asuka lock but Lynch managed to evade the lock. Lynch hit Asuka with a couple of kicks and went up to the top rope. She launched herself from there but Asuka sidestepped and locked in an armbar.

Lynch managed to get to the ropes to break the hold. The Man went outside the ring and challenged Belair to hit her in the face so that she could win via disqualification. Asuka came from behind but Lynch sent her into the EST to take both women out.

Towards the closing stages of the match, Lynch tried to hit Asuka with her own umbrella but the babyface used the green mist on her opponent with the referee focussing his attention on an irate Belair. A Buzzsaw kick from Asuka allowed her to win the match and she will now challenge Belair for the Raw Women’s Championship at Hell in a Cell.

Winner – Asuka

Grade – A

Overall Show Grade – B

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