Raw Fury Publisher Sale on Steam features action, adventure and simulation games. Find out the best picks for this season.

Raw Fury is a Swedish video game publisher known for launching games like Gonner and Kingdom Two Crowns. The new steam sale features games published by the Raw Fury AB company. Raw Fury focuses on Indie games and many of their games have been successful. Here are the top games to purchase from the Raw Fury Publisher Sale on steam in 2024.

Best Games in Raw Fury Publisher Sale 2024

Dome Keeper (60%)

  • Genre – Tower Defense 
  • Mode – Single-player 

Dome Keeper is one of the best tower defense games of all-time. Play as a hero who has to defend the glass dome against alien attacks. In Dome Keeper, you can use jet packs and other equipment to survive attacks. Also, you can mine through walls and defeat creatures. By fighting enemies, you have to craft resources like Iron, Cobalt, Water and Minerals to upgrade your bases.

Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley (10%)

  • Genre – Adventure 

Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley is a colorful musical adventure game where you have to complete quests and solve puzzles in a valley. Play as Snufkin, meet new friends, run from cops and complete quests. The goal is to save your lands from the Park Keeper in the open world of Moominvalley. There will be many rewards for Snufkin in every chapter and you can use them to upgrade levels.

Moonstone Island (30%)

  • Genre – Simulation 

Moonstone Island is a farming simulation game where you have to use your cards and unleash the best build, potions and defeat Alchemists. The goal is to complete the Alchemy training on a remote island in the sky. In Moonstone Island, you can explore tons of islands, ancient temples, biomes and dungeons. You can join with friends, use spirits and brew potions to defeat the hostile creatures.

Townscaper (60%)

  • Genre – Building 

Townscaper is a city builder game. The story begins in a grid-like area in a vast sea. You have to construct bases, build towns and upgrade your kingdom. Players can pick colors and paint blocks. With these blocks, you can build bridges, backyards and stairways. With more buildings and bases, you can progress faster in the campaign and dominate the game.

Mr. Sun’s Hatbox (50%)

  • Genre – Adventure 

A fun slapstick adventure and platformer game. Create your avatars and use Hats to complete jobs. The story begins when Mr. Moon and his gang steal the Hatbox of Mr. Sun from a courier company. Play as a delivery boy, complete missions and expand your business. By defeating minions of Mr. Moon, you can collect new Hats and unlock free gifts.

Friends vs Friends (50%)

  • Genre – Deck-building 
  • Mode – Multiplayer 

Friends vs Friends is an exciting PvP game. It’s also a deck-building and first-person shooter game. The task is to control anthropomorphic animals who engage in 1v1 and 2v2 battles. You have to utilize cards, skills and defeat animals in 3 rounds to win the combat. Teams with more points will win the challenge.

Raw Fury Publisher Sale
What Games Should You Buy From The Steam Raw Fury Publisher Sale 2024? 2


What’s the Raw Fury Publisher Sale?

The new steam sale features games launched by Raw Fury Publisher company at great deals. The sale is live and will be available till June 3, 2024. You can purchase all classic games launched by Raw Fury team.

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