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What are indie games? Do you want to play the best indie mobile games? Scroll down and find out.

There are many advantages in playing indie games. First, you don’t have to use a high-end device and then these indie games are mostly free-to-play. Indie games come from a young team who wish to achieve big. Indie game developers don’t launch games on a big budget, but the quality will be world-class. Here are some of the best indie mobile games to play in 2024.

Best Indie Mobile Games 


The Hack and Slash game takes place in a wasteland world. Here, you have to overcome mutants and evil forces throughout your journey. The world is trapped by the dark forces and you have to complete quests and overcome monsters to light up the world. Play as Haak, the traveler from a small northern town and explore the depths of Sanho, a land in the south.

The story begins once Haak leaves his home and travels to Sanho. With plenty of twist and tales, Haak keeps you thoroughly hooked. Every room has secrets and every path has a key. Haak has both side-quests and puzzle-based challenges.

Fake Future

Fake Future has been hailed as one of the best indie mobile games by critics. This city-building simulation and sci-fi game is a battle between humans and AI. Explore deserts, tunnels, mines, woods and terrains and unlock crafting resources. Build a base with the available resources. In Fake Future, you will meet planets from different planets. The goal is to rebuild the Cyberoids with your allies.


Sparklite is a roguelike action adventure game that’s set in a mysterious world. The goal is to save Ada’s friends. You can pick weapons, tools and gadgets to counter foes. Battle against Titans, Monsters and Alien Bosses on different planets. Sparklite has boss fights and puzzle quests as well. The environment is under the control of Baron, a greedy monster and you have to complete every chapter and save your friends from the enemy.


Coromon is a turn-based monster-taming adventure where you have to battle against tons of creatures in the wild. The story is set in the Velua region  and you play as a Battle Researcher. Invaders destroy everything in Velua and you have to recruit the best troops to save Velua from these mysterious forces.

You can pick your Coromon, unlock weapons and battle against creatures on different maps and biomes like deserts, glacial caverns and forests. Coromon also has the Nuzlocke and Randomizer game modes. You can customize trainer’s avatars like hair, eyes and explore the fashion menu as well.


Brotato is a shooter and roguelike game. Play as a Potato and use your weapons to conquer the challenge. Your Brotato has several traits and can use 6 weapons. The objective in Brotato is to kill aliens within the given time and progress in the campaign. As you complete quests with your Brotato, you will unlock new materials and equipment.

Card Thief

Card Thief is a stealth card-battler game from Arnold Rauers. Play as a Thief and utilize your decks to complete challenges. All stolen cards and items can be stored in your hideout. By completing heists, you can become the master thief. You can use shadow cards, equipment cards and magic cards for battles.

Forgotten Anne

An interesting platformer game where the story starts in a fictional world called Forgotten Lands. In this magical parallel universe, all lost items and objects will be available. Play as Anne, an Enforcer, who has to save her master, Bonku, to avoid a nightmare. Both Anne and Bonku have to return to the human world by solving puzzles. In Forgotten Anne, you will be able to explore beautiful and colorful hand-painted environments and locations. With the powers of Anima, you can save the human world.

World of Goo

World of Goo is a physics-based puzzler. Players have to utilize goo balls to construct bridges and structures. These goo balls are used to cross traps and hurdles. World of Goo has five chapters and you have to use balls of goo to build towers and structures to cross every level.

Soul Knight 

Soul Knight is a roguelike RPG where you have to slay monsters in dungeons and terrains. You can play as a Rogue, Magician or Elf Archer and use guns to shoot down those dangerous alien minions. The objectives are easier in Soul Knight, but you have to utilize the top-tier weapons. Shovels and Swords will be the best equipment to kill goblins in the dark dungeons. As you progress, zombies will start to invade the magical world and this will increase the difficulty level in the game.


Indie mobile games
10 Indie Mobile Games You Need to Play 2

Badland is an action adventure with challenging quests in every act. A side-scrolling and platformer game that is set in a dark forest with trees and flowers. Play as one of the forest dwellers and find out the secrets in the depths. As you walk inside forests, you have to be cautious of dangerous traps and obstacles. Badland also has a multiplayer mode that allows 4 players in a lobby.

These are the best indie mobile games with unique concepts and intriguing stories. If you are a fan of racing games, then these F1 mobile games are highly recommended.

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