WoW Season of Discovery DPS Tier List



Uncover the strongest characters from our WoW Season of Discovery DPS tier list. Kickstart your massive adventure in new realms with these impeccable classes.

WoW Classic returns with a massive update. The Season of Discovery is live with new locations, content and characters. The World of Warcraft franchise keeps getting better with every expansion and DLC. Blizzard Entertainment has launched the expansion for all servers. Players return to the fictional fantasy world for PvP and PvE challenges. There are new maps and plenty of locations to explore.

Players can play as Tanks, Mages, Warriors and Paladins. Recruiting heroes from the Meta class will give you an upper hand against enemies. There are many starting classes in Season of Discovery. But going with tanks and DPS will be an ideal option to counter enemies and bosses DPS have the best damage, crit, and defense. So, find the best DPS in WoW Season of Discovery from our tier list.

WoW Season of Discovery DPS Tier List All Classes Ranked

Season of Discovery DPS Tier List
Boss fight
  • S Tier – The best tanks and DPS are listed here. They possess the best skills and abilities. Be it offensive or defensive, heroes from this class are the best for battles
  • A Tier –  A Tier heroes are excellent in AoE and range combat. They also have high single-target damage stats with good HP and magical skills.
  • B Tier – B Tier units have the best burst damage and atk. These DPS units can be used in close-range combat. Their defense is not so great, so you can pair them with the best attacking units.
  • C Tier – Units from this class are vulnerable to all elements. Ignore these heroes for battles. Upgrading their stats is essential before you take them for combat.
Tier Classes
SWarlock, Mage, Rogue 
ADruid, Paladin, Warrior 
BShaman, Hunter

Best Classes in WoW Season of Discovery 

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Here are the best starting classes to kickstart your adventure in the game. The top 4 WoW Season of Discovery classes provide the best skills, buffs and weapons for heroes.

IMG 20231204 125442
Enemy in WoW
  • Mage – The Magic heroes in WoW Season of Discovery can stun enemies with their skills. Their Arcane magic skills bolster your attack and defense. Mage class heroes deal both fire and magic damage. They will be your best dps for ranged battles
  • Warlock – Warlock are massive tanks. They have the best DPS and hp. Their damage output is high and are capable of attacking from any range. Warlock excels in AoE and crit and is one of the best dps classes in WoW Season of Recovery.
  • Hunter – Hunters are Assassins who excel in melee combat. Their single-target damage is high and they have the best skills to counter targets. Hunters can demolish many foes in a single shot 
  • Paladin – Paladins are heavy dps units. Their damage and defense are high. Paladins have many talents and they deal physical and fire damage. Paladins have decent AoE stats and can deal a massive cleave damage to close-range enemies

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How to Win Battles in WoW Season of Discovery?

To kickstart your WoW Classic season of Discovery adventure, you have to utilize the best dps and their skills. Also, the new PvP and PvE realms feature huge challenges against bosses and creatures. So, go with tanks and magic units to kickstart your campaign in Azeroth realms.

What’s WoW Season of Discovery?

WoW Season of Discovery is a new expansion addition to the Classic. The Season of Discovery allows players with an initial level cap 25 to embark on a new adventure in Azeroth. You can explore new realms, tussle against bosses in epic raids, unlock new mechanics and collect abilities from special runes.

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