Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Invasion Guide – Strategy, Tips, and more 


With the help of the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Invasion guide, you will learn how to unlock it and also the best tips and tricks.

One defining feature of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is the ability for players to invade. This adds an extra layer of excitement and challenge to the experience. In order to take part in this feature in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, players will need to invest some additional time to unlock it. Simply starting up the game and expecting to jump right into the invasion mechanic won’t be possible. 

While this may be a bit of a disappointment for some players who are eager to start invading their friends’ games, it’s important to note that this delay is likely in place to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to experience the game before it becomes too chaotic with invasions. In this guide, we will tell you everything about the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Invasion.


Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Invasion Guide – Best Tips

Choose Your Moments Wisely 

When invading another player’s game, it’s important to be strategic about when you do it. Look for moments when the player may be in a vulnerable position, such as when they’re engaged in combat with a tough enemy or navigating a tricky area. This will increase your chances of catching them off-guard and scoring a victory.

Study Your Opponent 

Before invading another player’s game, take some time to study their playstyle and techniques. This will give you valuable insights into their strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to formulate a plan of attack. Do they favor ranged attacks or melee combat? Are they skilled at dodging or blocking? Use this information to your advantage.

Be Prepared for a Fight 

During the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Invasion, it’s important to come prepared for a battle. Make sure you have adequate supplies, such as healing items and ammunition, and that your equipment is up to par. This will give you an edge in combat and increase your chances of success.

Use the Environment to Your Advantage 

The world of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is full of traps, obstacles, and hazards that you can use to your advantage when invading another player’s game. Try to lure your opponent into dangerous areas or position yourself in a way that makes it difficult for them to navigate the terrain. This will give you an edge in combat and increase your chances of victory.

Don’t Give Up 

Invasions in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty can be challenging and unpredictable, and it’s possible that you may not win every time. However, it’s important to persevere and keep trying. Each invasion will give you valuable experience and insights that you can use to improve your skills and strategies. So don’t give up, and keep pushing yourself to be the best invader you can be!

How to do Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Invasion

Unlocking the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Invasion feature is not as simple as just starting up the game and jumping into other players’ worlds. To unlock this feature, players will need to first progress through the game’s story and defeat Zhang Jiao. He is the leader of the Yellow Turban Rebellion. You will find him during the stage known as “The Demon Heart of the Yellow Heaven” in Part 2 of the game’s storyline.

This means that players can expect to access the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Invasion feature a few hours into the game, This depends on how much time they spend grinding through battles and optional objectives. Once Zhang Jiao has been defeated, players will need to find a Battle Flag in a stage to activate the invasion feature. From there, it’s simply a matter of selecting “Online Lobby” and then “Invade” to start queuing up for players who have also enabled invasions in their games.

Once the feature is unlocked, players will be able to invade other games with impunity. They’ll need to be prepared for a challenge. This is because invading another player’s game is not so easy. But for those who are up to the task, the rewards can be substantial. This adds an extra level of excitement and achievement to an already thrilling gaming experience.

For players who aren’t interested in PvP elements, they can easily turn off invasions to avoid being forced to take part in them. However, for those who enjoy the thrill of PvP combat, the invasion feature adds an exciting and dynamic element to the game. It allows players to test their skills against others and provides a sense of unpredictability and challenge that can make for an incredibly rewarding experience.

How to turn off Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Invasion


For players who aren’t interested in PvP elements and want to avoid invasions from other players, there’s an easy solution. Simply access the Settings menu, navigate to “Invasions by Hostile Players,” and click on “Do not allow.” This setting ensures that invasions can still occur, but instead of other players, AI characters will take their place. By doing so, players who don’t want to engage in PvP can still obtain the invasion trophy and progress through the game.

Players can still enjoy co-op gameplay in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty without enabling invasions. They can team up with a friend and fight against the enemies of Later Han-era China in Koei Tecmo’s Soulslike title. When it comes to PvP, players can only engage in combat against other players on their respective platforms. 

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