Will Jujutsu Kaisen Nanami ever come back after his death? Possibilities explored following brutal killing


Will Jujutsu Kaisen Nanami ever come back after his death? Learn all there is to know about the possibilities following his brutal death on the anime.

Jujutsu Kaisen enthusiasts are in for an emotional rollercoaster this summer as season two unfolds, bringing forth the highly anticipated Shibuya arc. Episode number 18, released last year, delivered a shocking turn of events that left fans heartbroken—Nanami Kento, a beloved sorcerer, met his demise at the hands of the formidable Mahito.

Will Jujutsu Kaisen Nanami ever come back after his death
Will Jujutsu Kaisen Nanami ever come back after his death? (Twitter)

In this emotionally charged episode, Nanami’s final moments were depicted with a poignant daydream of reading on the beach. However, his aspirations were abruptly interrupted when he stumbled upon a gruesome scene of mutilated bodies, leading him to confront Mahito.

The ensuing battle was brief but intense, concluding tragically as Nanami succumbed to the injuries sustained in Shibuya. In a touching twist, he managed to convey a last message to Yuji before Mahito’s final strike.

What has been the impact of Nanami’s death on the anime fandom?

The impact of Nanami’s death on the Jujutsu Kaisen fandom cannot be overstated. A favorite character since the anime’s inception, Nanami’s tough exterior concealed a deep affection for his students, mirroring Gojo’s commitment to shielding them from the harsh realities of jujutsu society.

Nanami’s sacrifice while defending his loved ones resonates profoundly with viewers, adding a layer of emotional complexity to the narrative.

For those seeking solace or a trip down memory lane, revisiting Jujutsu Kaisen from the beginning is an option, with the series available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

The show’s official synopsis encapsulates the essence of the captivating storyline, revolving around Yuji Itadori’s extraordinary journey after consuming the finger of Ryomen Sukuna, leading him into the world of curses and the battles waged by the Tokyo Jujutsu High School.

As the anime continues to captivate audiences with its compelling narrative and dynamic characters, the loss of Nanami Kento serves as a poignant reminder of the series’ ability to blend action, emotion, and unexpected twists, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next turn of events. However, even despite his death, fans speculate there are possibilities by which we can see the character’s return to the anime.

Is there any chance that Nanami returns to the Jujutsu Kaisen world?

A lot of Jujutsu Kaisen characters suffered during the Shibuya Incident arc, and Nanami Kento was no different.

Nanami was one of the sorcerers who were sent to deal with Kenjaku and his Curses, but he was slowly weakened after each fight, especially after dealing with Dagon and being burnt alive by Jogo. Near the arc’s conclusion, half of Nanami’s body was burnt, and he was barely holding onto life. Tragically, he was killed by Mahito right in front of Yuji Itadori’s eyes.Therefore, this begs the question, does Nanami come back in the manga? No, he doesn’t.

Nanami was torn to shreds by Mahito in Shibuya, and his body couldn’t be put back together. It’s also worth pointing out that Mahito only needs to touch a person to destroy them, which is exactly what he did here, adding to Yuji’s traumatic experiences in the series.

Nanami is one of the many casualties in the series, making Jujutsu Kaisen a true shonen in the sense that characters can die, regardless of their popularity. This was shown with Nanami but also with the likes of Satoru Gojo and Nobara Kugisaki, which proves that author Gege Akutami has no fear of killing his characters regardless of the circumstances. Fans have also speculated whether Nanami could’ve played a more important role in the narrative.

Will Jujutsu Kaisen Nanami ever come back after his death
Will Jujutsu Kaisen Nanami ever come back after his death? (YouTube)

Could Nanami have played a more important role in the narrative?

An argument has been made that Nanami could have played more important roles in the narrative after the Shibuya Incident arc.

However, his death also proved to be a major catalyst for Yuji Itadori. They had developed a strong bond, and Yuji decided to use this motivation to put an end to Mahito, which proved to be one of the biggest highlights in the series.Perhaps a big issue with the series is the fact that Akutami tends to pace it quite fast, so there is very little room for the story to breathe and linger on these significant moments. Yuji didn’t have the time to mourn for Nanami, and that is a shame, considering that their relationship was quite endearing to see and had been worked for quite some time in the manga.

Conclusion: Will Jujutsu Kaisen Nanami ever come back after his death?

Will Jujutsu Kaisen Nanami ever come back after his death? Nevertheless, Nanami died, and there is no hope for his return in the manga, given the manner in which he was killed by Mahito.

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