Which is the most overpowered spell in Black Clover? All about the staggering abilities in the series


Which is the most overpowered spell in Black Clover? Learn all there is to know about the most staggering abilities in the series.

Black Clover’s magic-based combat system is one of the most visually engaging amongst new-gen animanga. Some of the series’ massively overpowered attacks and spells can be incredibly destructive, whether by design or simply as a result of happenstance.

There are also different types of destructive spells seen throughout Black Clover. Some are destructive in the sense that, through their use, both the target and the surrounding environment can be greatly affected by the attack. Others are destructive in that they create environments or summon entities which endlessly consume manna.

Which is the most overpowered spell in Black Clover
Which is the most overpowered spell in Black Clover? (Twitter)

Regardless of how destructive they are, these types of Black Clover spells are undoubtedly fearsome and terrifying. Here are the ten most destructive spells in Black Clover, ranked from least to most destructive.

10. Zagred’s summoning spell

Zagred’s summoning spell brings forth a plethora of blob-like, sentient underworld monsters which chase and absorb lifeforce and manna. While not environmentally destructive, the spell can decimate the ranks of lower-class Magic Knights.

9. Calidus Brachium

The general Calidus Brachium spells are undoubtedly among Black Clover’s top ten most destructive. However, their rank is fairly low as a result of their strength being dependent on whether or not Mereoleona uses Mana Zone or not.

8. Zora’s Counter Trap

Zora’s Counter Trap and its destructive potential are somewhat dependent on two major factors. The first is what the base spell is countering, and the second is how much power that spell builds before being released. The latter point is incredibly important, as Zora and Asta were able to creatively use their abilities to maximize the reflected spell’s destructive power.

7. Spirit of Zephyr

The Spirit of Zephyr spell sees deuteragonist Yuno condense external mana into a two-handed sword. The sword is able to cut enemies with the blade, as well as create a tornado around it which can be used in various means.The sword also has erosive properties relative to mana it comes in contact with, weakening more powerful spells or mana until they can be cut through.

Which is the most overpowered spell in Black Clover
Spirit of Zephyr: Which is the most overpowered spell in Black Clover? (YouTube)

6. Black Divider

Black Divider is one of the trademark spells of Black Clover’s central protagonist, Black Bulls member Asta. Using his Demon-Slayer Sword, he condenses his Anti Magic within the weapon and pushes it to the edges. The sword then proportionately grows to several times its normal size.

5. Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash

The Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash is one of Yami Sukehiro’s signature spells seen throughout Black Clover. He channels darkness into his katana, via his Dark Magic grimoire, and then releases it in a downward slash.The spell is incredibly powerful, shown being able to cut through large clouds of mana, as well as Spatial Magic and even space itself. The spell is one of the most powerful in the series.

4. Sea Dragon’s Roar

When combined with Mana Method, Noelle Silva’s Sea Dragon’s Roar spell is undoubtedly one of the most destructive in the series. In its base form, when not utilizing Mana Method, the spell was shown to be able to destroy a powerful mage’s defensive spell, rip the arm off said mage, and continue crashing through several walls.

3. Light Swords of Conviction

Patolli’s Light Swords of Conviction is an incredibly powerful, area-of-effect Light Magic spell. The user creates multiple shards of light with various points on each, subsequently launching them at opponents.While not environmentally destructive, the spell can absolutely decimate enemy forces when used properly.

2. Archangel’s Shootdown

Used by Langris Vaude, this Spatial Magic spell can be incredibly destructive to both environments and other living things. Its area-of-effect nature allows large swaths of land and enemies to be absolutely riddled with Spatial Magic, erasing whatever each sphere comes in contact with. While counterable by other Spatial Magic and Anti Magic, these attributes are wielded by a few mages in the series. As a result, Archangel Shootdown is one of the most destructive and least counterable spells within Black Clover.

  1. Arrows of Judgment

Finally, Patolli’s Arrows of Judgment spell is an incredibly powerful and destructive Light Magic attack. The user creates countless swords of light around them in an incredibly large area, pointing at whatever may be lying below as they hang in the sky. When the spell is complete, these blades rain down on the unsuspecting environment or people below, swiftly and violently attacking them. Additionally, the user can grab one of the blades and use it as a sword, which can be incredibly useful when an opponent is distracted by the massive attack, as already seen in Black Clover.

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