Who is Cheesur? Kick streamer gets dropped by Adin Ross who wins $1million from Drake


Who is Cheesur? All you should know about Cheesur and learn all about the kick streamer who gets dropped by Adin Ross and how he’s the one who won $1 million from Drake.

Nermin Cheesur is a popular kick-streamer who is widely known for his controversial acts, and he is also known for his gaming content.

He made an arrest move in July 2023 by sending a woman $10 and then taking it back.

He also hurled abuse at the woman and stated that he refunded the money because she was not grateful enough.

His action towards the woman was criticized by a lot of fans on social media, and fans stated that they should cancel him.

He is also in the news for another controversial move that he made with Adin Ross.

Here is all you should know about why Adin Ross kicked Cheesur out of the content group.

 Cheesur and Adin Ross
Cheesur and Adin Ross (Twitter)

Why did Adin Ross drop Cheesur?

Who is Cheesur? Cheesur was dropped by Adin Ross as he was reacting to a snippet of Cheesur, and in the clip, Cheesur was seen talking to his viewers about how Adin Ross was jealous of N3on getting more views than the Twitch star.

Cheesur mentioned how Adin Ross was jealous of N3on and his energy levels dropped after hearing the number of views N3on has on his streams.

Apart from these controversial statements, he also mentions how N3on took things from Adin Ross and made them better than he did.

After Adin came across that clip, he decided to fire Cheesur from the content group SSB.

He stated how he should join N3on’s group and how he would kick him out of love because he was stating facts and asking him to hold his pocket and act like his personal b***h.

There were multiple reactions from fans on X, formerly known as Twitter, and Kick Clips took to X and stated, “Adin Ross fires SSB member Cheesur and tells him to hold Neon’s pocket like Shnaggymo.”

Another user took to his Twitter account and stated, “Adin Ross fired SSB member Cheesur after he called him out for being jealous of N3on.”

Anotehr age took to their X account and took a stand for Adin Ross and stated, “Adin Ross KICKS OUT Cheesur from SSB, because Chessur says that Adin is jealous of Neon being more successful and having more clout than Adin Ross😮🤯😂”. 

Conclusion-Who is Cheesur?

Who is Cheesur? In conclusion, Cheesur’s controversial actions and statements led to his removal from Adin Ross’s content group SSB. Accusations of jealousy towards another streamer, N3on, played a pivotal role in Adin’s decision to part ways with Cheesur. The incident sparked reactions and discussions among fans on social media platforms. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on this matter, it is recommended to refer to the latest updates on official sources and credible news outlets. Online dynamics in the gaming and streaming community can evolve rapidly, shaping the narratives around content creators.

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