Gillberg was one of the funnier WWE stars from the past but was rushed to the ICU recently

Former WWE star Gillberg, who made a splash during the Attitude Era, was rushed to the hospital recently.

Another former WWE star, James Ellsworth, spoke about the situation. Ellsworth spoke with Gillberg’s wife and he claimed that Gillberg was doing fine after suffering a heart attack.

Ellsworth added that Gillberg was now out of the ICU and was doing fine. He was also out of danger and was expected to be back home later in the week.

The former WWE star also wished the best for Gillberg on his road to recovery. A heart attack shouldn’t be taken lightly but thankfully, Gillberg seems to be doing fine and he should be back to his best with the right care and treatment.

We wish Gillberg and his family the best as the former star recovers from the heart attack.

One of the funniest gimmicks in wrestling

Gillberg is a former Light Heavyweight Champion in WWE but Duane Gill will be remembered for his impersonation of Goldberg.

This was during the WCW vs WWE war and Gill was made to take up the Gillberg persona. He was nowhere near the size of Goldberg but tried to copy his entrance.

Gillberg is a parody on then WCW star Goldberg
Gillberg didn’t have a great entrance in WWE (WWE)

Gillberg also had people holding sparklers at the top of the ramp, to copy Goldberg’s entrance. A pre-recorded message of fans screaming “Gillberg” was also played, just to poke fun at WCW’s Goldberg.

Further, the plan was for Gillberg to copy the WCW star’s streak of 173 wins, but the WWE version would have that many losses.

Gillberg was a jobber and lost many times during his run in WWE. However, he was the longest-reigning WWE Light Heavyweight champion ever.

Gillberg also had fake tattoos on his hands, to parody Goldberg, and to this day remains one of the most hilarious takes on another star.

He retired from the business on 28 February, 2020 and runs a wrestling school that opened in 2010.

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