Braun Strowman wanted a shot at WWE Champion Drew McIntyre but got suspended indefinitely after Raw

This week’s Raw featured some interesting matches with the next challenger for Drew McIntyre and the winners from Survivor Series all wanted a piece of it.

The Raw men’s team won the Survivor Series clash and blanked SmackDown 5-0. AJ Styles called himself the leader and wanted a crack at McIntyre but the other four members also wanted a go.

The Raw winning team
The Raw men’s team from Survivor Series 2020 (WWE)

Braun Strowman, however, wasn’t willing to wait for a tournament that Adam Pearce suggested. He attacked the WWE official and even headbutted Pearce.

Suffice to say, Pearce felt the force of this and even called McIntyre as McInfart during an interview afterwards.

WWE released a statement confirming that Strowman was suspended indefinitely for putting his hands on Pearce.

Braun Strowman attacks Adam Pearce
Braun Strowman lashed out at Adam Pearce on Raw (WWE)

However, they didn’t add any more information regarding the suspension for the Monster among men.

Strowman lashes out at WWE politics

The big man has been on the end of some suspensions from WWE and this is his latest one. Strowman has attacked stars in the past and he seemed livid regarding his chances to win the title.

His attack on Pearce was uncalled for but the Monster hit out at WWE on social media. Strowman lashed out at the politics going behind the scenes and claimed he had done a lot to earn a title shot.

He also brought up the fact that you needed to suck up to someone in the company and didn’t want to be a plan B anymore:

“I’m so sick of being a second thought to this company!!!! Hard work means nothing. If you don’t have the right last name or you don’t kiss somebody’s ass you don’t get a chance!!! I promise this is gonna get ugly!!!! I’m done being your plan B”


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It will be interesting to see how long Strowman is out for. AJ Styles, Keith Lee and Riddle made it to the triple threat match for a shot at McIntyre.

All three made an impact at Survivor Series and we could see a real battle take place when the trio meet.

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