Why Necrosmith 2 is the Perfect Game for Evil Masterminds?


Necrosmith 2 is proof that retro art style games are still one of the best in the industry and are thriving.

Necrosmith 2 is the latest indie title that follows a nostalgic style of gameplay with spices of modernity. It is also evidence that not everything dark and creepy is serious.

This game is a perfect amalgamation of dark humor using the assets of the undead. The funny part is this game is also a great choice for twisted minds. On paper, this is a typical necromancer simulator and if you are familiar with this theme, it is basically a simulator that uses witchcraft, sorcery, and other forms of magic.

Necrosmith 2
Necrosmith 2 cover

Necrosmith 2- Gameplay

Necrosmith 2 combines genres of tower defense, strategy and real-time dungeon action and the best way to experience everything on the screen is an isometric camera that can capture everything on display. The basic gist is for players is to use the “undead” resources at their disposal to protect your assets. There are endless types of combinations that can be used, and creativity is key in this simulation game.

This game is heavily inspired by dark fantasy worlds and rouge lite games such as Hades. There are tons of diverse body parts to use in the game, each with their unique skills and abilities. Players are encouraged to mix and match their desired body parts to earn victories. Typically, this genre has a bunch of elements integrated into the gameplay such as procedurally generated worlds to keep the game fresh and enemy types too that have specific counters.

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Necrosmith 2 Screenshot

Necrosmith 2- The learning curve

As mentioned earlier, the body parts in this game can be used to mix and match creating new and unique abilities for the player. The learning curve of this game might be pretty high due to the endless number of resources at hand that have their own set of perks and buffs.

Since everything is randomly generated, players should make sure to keep playing the game to fully understand how every system works and how they can improve. Every victory is a steppingstone into getting better and only experience is the key to proceeding in the game. The strategic depth in this game is a lot higher than regular dungeon crawlers.

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Necrosmith 2 Pre-Alpha Footage

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What genre is Necrosmith 2?

Necromancer 2 is a typical tower defense simulation game.

When is Necrosmith 2 releasing?

Necrosmith 2 released on the 27th of March.

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