New Gameloft Dungeons and Dragons Game Announced – Here’s what we know so far!


Gameloft Dungeons and Dragons has been announced and we are cautiously optimistic about this announcement.

Gameloft is one of the developers that has ruled the mobile gaming industry for many years and is still relevant to this day as one of the best AAA mobile gaming developers in the market. Nonetheless, when it comes to PC or console releases, Gameloft is nowhere to be found and the fact that they are making a Gameloft Dungeons and Dragons game makes the gaming community wonder if they can pull off such a huge task.

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Gameloft Franchises

Gameloft Dungeons and Dragons- Blessing in Disguise?

My theory is that, Gameloft Dungeons and Dragons has been under production for a couple of years now and the studio behind it is Gameloft Montreal which has been a part of Gameloft for 2 decades. Since they thrive in mobile game development, they could not break the barrier of PC and console releases due to the competition and the necessary innovation required to set them apart.

This might be one of the reasons they chose to focus on an overlooked franchise such as Gameloft Dungeons and Dragons with background support from Hasbro. Hopefully, this game will change the way the community feels about the mobile gaming market and give the respect that is deserved for mobile gaming development companies.

Gameloft Dungeons and Dragons
Gameloft Dungeons and Dragons Poster

Gameloft Dungeons and Dragons- Inspiration / Flattery?

When you look back at the games that Gameloft published/developed, many games have been a direct ripoff of huge franchises. I understand that imitation is the best form of flattery but Gameloft seems like they took this quote too far with some of their famous franchises.

The table below indicates the obvious “inspirations” that Gameloft developed their games are based off. Please keep in mind that some of these games have multiple entries under their franchise. For example, N.O.V.A has 3 mainstream games whereas Modern Combat has 5 under its belt.

Gameloft GameInspiration/ Rip Off Franchise
N.O.V.AHalo/ Crysis
GangstarGrand Theft Auto
Hero of SpartaGod of War
Modern CombatCall of Duty
Shadow GuardianUncharted
Zombie InfectionResident Evil

Keep in Mind

Please keep in mind that most of these games are not available on the market anymore but since I have been following Gameloft for a decade now, I am familiar with these franchises and the obvious inspiration. The wide range of genres they venture into is as impressive as their games. In fact, I have personally included their games in my list of competitive games.

Modern Combat 5 image
Modern Combat 5 Cover

When it comes to the positive side, all these games were excellent in their own right when it comes to storytelling, gameplay, and innovation (not inspiration). I can wholeheartedly say that the developers know how to make a great game but only time can tell how they can translate into the mainstream PC/Console generation with their release of Gameloft Dungeons and Dragons.

Their biggest achievement is making the Dungeon Hunter series that has 5 different games under its belt, so they do have the tools to make a great product.

maxresdefault 139
Dungeon Hunter 5 Gameloft

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What is the most famous Gameloft franchise?

Modern Combat series is amongst the most famous Gameloft franchise.

What is the longest running Gameloft franchise?

This might not be a surprise to fans of gaming but the longest running Gameloft Franchise is the Asphalt series spanning 9 different entries under its belt.

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