Top Android Battle Royale Games that are exquisite!


I thought this Genre got stale already! I guess not. This list of the best Android Battle Royale Games is a must for you to play.

Android Battle Royale Games!! Here we go. There was a Japanese movie back in 2000 released under the same name. The plot is similar. I still wonder why it wasn’t adapted into video games earlier. When it came to Hollywood, there was a movie in 2006 called ‘The Condemned’ starring “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. The plot is like its Japanese counterpart, where a group of people are deployed on an island and the best one survives.

Android Battle Royale Games Overview

Back in 2017, a small game called Player Unknown Battle Grounds became a classic amongst gamers due to its Battle Royale format. Eventually its rival Fortnite made the genre popular with its wacky gameplay and cartoon violence. Due to the budget backup from Epic games, Fortnite is one the (arguably the biggest) biggest game in the Battle Royale genre. Till date games like Fortnite and Player Unknown Battle Grounds are very popular amongst competitive and casual gamers.

Due to the popularity of the genre, there have been a lot of mobile ports and mobile exclusive games in the battle royale genre. Today’s list is going to explore that genre and educate the readers about mobile gaming especially the battle royale genre.

Knives Out

Do not be confused with the movie of the same name. Knives Out is the 1st game on this list that can be categorized as one of the greatest Android Battle Royale Games, and with cooperation, you will be able to get to the top of the rankings through its gameplay. This implies that if you want to survive, you must work together as friends, which entails a survival adventure filled with more battles and more enjoyment. Special mention to the 50v50 game mode

knives out tokyo pc full version 1
Knives Out cover

Modern Combat 5

Once again, do not be confused with Modern Warfare or Mortal Kombat. Gameloft definitely knows what they are doing. Modern Combat 5, which is also recognized as a top FPS series, is another game that can be identified as one of the finest Android Battle Royale games. As one of the top graphics games, there will be furious multiplayer action as well as high-powered firearms for fights, and you will truly be stepping into a combat zone. There is a mission that you must achieve, which is to save the world, and in order to do so, you must shoot your way to the best action play ever. Also, one of the best-looking games on the Android

Android Battle Royale Games
The 5th Installment of Modern Combat


A new pick on the list but absolutely worth it. The 2D real-time battle royale gameplay experience that ZombsRoyale offers is unlike any other of the top battle royale games for Android that we have checked out; it features the most entertaining battles. There are numerous game modes to choose from, and the action-packed PVP battle royale game contains everything you would expect to find in the Android Battle Royale games in 2023. You can play solo or as a duo, and there are 99 other lonesome players available. You can also play against an auto-match in both of these game modes.

zombs royale
Can Zombies be cute?

Happy Zone

Clap along if you are happy. HAPPY ZONE – Battle Royale, one of the greatest Android Battle Royale games, gathers thousands of gamers from across the world and then forces you to compete in an online battle royale. You have a lot of foes to defeat here, and to do so, you have a selection of weapons to choose from. All 12 players must survive here because it is their only purpose on this battlefield. The game’s 3-minute epic arena battle royale is what makes us actually love it.

Happy zone
Definitely not a Happy Zone

Free Fire Max

Free Fire Max is a third-person Android Battle Royale game that can be played with up to 50 players, similar to Fortnite. Unfortunately, Fortnite is not available on the Android platform. So, if you don’t have time to play Fortnite right now, you can try Free Fire Max. It features high-stakes battle against 49 other players, and the entire game revolves around who becomes the last person standing. Because the action is extreme, this game distinguishes itself among many other superb Android Battle Royale games, and you can also enjoy different types of gameplay here.

garena free fire max redeem codes for 9 December 2022 today
Such a cool Freefire Max Artwork

Arena Breakout

The developers of this game Level Infinite is known for providing enchantment to the gaming world, as evidenced by Arena Breakout, which was named one of the greatest Android Battle Royale games in 2023. This will take you through a shooting game experience and prepare you for the most difficult fight as well as other gaming mechanisms. You may fight anything you wish, and your only goal is to escape without getting killed. This game provides the player with the most realistic gunplay. If you want something new, something blue, try out Arena Breakout.

Arena Breakout
Feels familiar to another famous FPS franchise. Arena Breakout Cover

Farlight 84

Farlight 84 is a game unlike any other, with stunning 3D visuals and effects. Players can utilize massive mechas and characters to assault other players, and they have a lot of leeway in terms of what they can accomplish. Mobile gaming pros will jump right in and gain a feel for the controls in a game or two, but the rest of you will need some time to figure it out. When you do, however, you’re in for an incredible treat. The game’s visuals are stunning, even putting certain console titles to shame. Add your friends if you have any, as it will greatly boost your immersion. If you don’t have any, add some random active people.

Farlight 84
Farlight 84 has a nice cartoony artwork

Stumble Guys

Yeah, I am sure the name sounds familiar. The console counterpart of this game is called Fall Guys which changed the formula for Android Battle Royale games completely. If people are familiar with the hit show Takeshi’s Castle, this game is for them due to the goofy fun factor. Stumble Guys, where you just run and run, with the ultimate goal of not being eliminated. But your run will be difficult because there are so many obstacles to overcome here, and there is also someone else that you can all be partnered up with. This multiplayer party knockout game, often known as the battle royale game, will continue until only a single player remains for the crown.

Stumble guys
Stumble Guys is Fall Guys’ cousin

Call of Duty Mobile

Here comes the big guns. The juggernaut of FPS franchises with a long 20 year running history and a plethora of titles under its belt. Call of Duty requires little introduction; it has been the most successful FPS franchise for decades. Call of Duty Mobile provides the same shooter experience as the core series. The series adds a slew of game types to Call of Duty Mobile, including favorites like Team Deathmatch and Domination, as well as a large 100-player battle royale variant. Call of Duty Mobile allows you to fully modify your guns, including barrels, stocks, and grips, as well as obtain stats appropriate for various battle scenarios. Arguably the best in the market right now.

Call of Duty Anniversary EN 1
The king of FPS made a wonderful debut on the mobile as Call of Duty: Mobile

Player Unknown Battle Grounds

The one that started it all. Do I need to emphasize anymore? Seriously, who hasn’t heard of PUBG Mobile yet? The most popular franchise, with over 500 million players, is a masterpiece for epic battle royale, and you can battle and travel over the maps in 10-minute bouts. As one of the greatest Android Battle Royale games, this is also one of the best shooting games produced thus far, and if you want to engage in the most intense multiplayer conflicts, this is the game for you.

The one that started it all. The OG PUBG

The battle royale genre will never get old especially in the coming years and every match is used for improvement and there is a steep learning curve for players which makes these kinds of games addictive.

Do we need to have a gaming phone to play these games?

Most games are optimized for their devices. Gaming phones do make the experience much better

Are these games controller supported?

Yes, almost all these games support the controller

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