Who is Sophia Romano – the girlfriend of Justin Gaethje?


Sophia Romano is the girlfriend of Justin Gaethje, a renowned mixed martial artist. Learn more about her background, career, and their relationship as they navigate the world of MMA together.


MMA fans recently took to social media to share a video of Justin Gaethje and his girlfriend, Sophia Romano, sitting cage side at UFC 276. In the footage recorded by Romano, the couple can be seen reacting to the exciting fights of the night. However, what caught fans’ attention and sparked some amusement was the moment when Romano failed to recognize Dustin Poirier, who was seated in front of them.

Sophia Romano
Who is Sophia Romano - the girlfriend of Justin Gaethje? 3

As the video circulated on Twitter, fans couldn’t help but find it amusing that Romano didn’t know who Poirier was, especially since he had previously defeated Gaethje in a fight back in 2018. The playful trolling from MMA enthusiasts added some lighthearted fun to the mix, but it’s clear that Romano’s slip-up was all in good fun.

Who is Sophia Romano?

Sophia Romano, the girlfriend of Justin Gaethje, the renowned mixed martial artist. Sophia was born on April 20, 1995, in Pennsylvania, but details about her parents and childhood remain undisclosed. However, reports suggest that she grew up in a loving family with siblings.

Sophia Romano pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Penn State University, showcasing her passion for media and communication. Currently, she is making waves as a successful model and has garnered a massive following on Instagram, where she is an Instagram star with 17.7K followers. Her captivating posts give fans a glimpse into her life and moments shared with Justin.

Before embarking on her modeling career, Sophia Romano worked at ABC TV studios for over four years, further solidifying her background in media and broadcasting. With her charisma and presence, she has managed to capture the attention of many.

Social media enthusiasts can find Sophia Romano on Instagram under the handle @sophiaromo27, where she shares updates about her life, including her relationship with Justin Gaethje. Her account is a hub of her exciting adventures and heartwarming moments.

For those who prefer Twitter, Sophia is also active on the platform under the username @SophiaRomo_27, where she shares her thoughts and musings on various subjects.

Sophia Romano’s vibrant presence on social media and her thriving modeling career have made her a prominent figure in the spotlight. As she continues to make strides in her professional journey and shares her life with Justin Gaethje, fans can’t help but admire the charm and grace she exudes both online and offline.

Justin Gaethje and Sophia Romano Relationship

The love story of Justin Gaethje and Sophia Romano began when they connected through a dating app, sparking an instant connection. As they exchanged messages and flirted playfully, their bond grew stronger. After their first date, Sophia took the initiative to share their blossoming romance with the world, posting about it on her Instagram.

Though the exact duration of their relationship remains undisclosed, one thing is certain – their love is evident through the affectionate moments they share on social media. As of now, the couple is happily together and enjoying each other’s company.

While fans eagerly anticipate any news of marriage or children in the future, Justin Gaethje and Sophia Romano are savoring the present, cherishing the love they have found in each other’s arms.

About Justin Gaethje

Justin Gaethje, the talented mixed martial artist born on November 14, 1988, in Safford, Arizona. With a passion for wrestling from a young age, Gaethje started his journey in the sport at the tender age of four. During his time at Safford High School, he proved his prowess on the wrestling mat, becoming a two-time state champion and a four-time finalist in the AIA championships. Not limited to wrestling, Gaethje also excelled in football and baseball during his high school days.

With a remarkable record of 191-9, Gaethje graduated from Safford High School, aiming to pursue higher education while staying close to his family. Despite considering a smaller college in Arizona, he eventually embraced an offer from the prestigious University of Northern Colorado, competing as part of their NCAA Division I program.

During his time at the university, Gaethje’s path crossed with prominent UFC fighters like Georges St-Pierre and Clay Guida, opening the doors to the world of mixed martial arts (MMA). This encounter ignited his interest in MMA, setting the stage for his eventual success in the sport.

Gaethje’s professional journey took a significant turn when he signed with the World Series of Fighting on December 2, 2012. Making his debut on March 23, 2013, he quickly became a force to be reckoned with in the organization, eventually becoming a 1-time WSOF lightweight champion.


Gaethje moved to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in 2017 and declared he was giving up his WSOF championship in the process. He has accomplished incredible exploits throughout his UFC career, including once holding the title of interim lightweight champion.

Gaethje has a bachelor’s degree in human services from the University of Northern Colorado in addition to his amazing octagon accomplishments. He has stated a desire to use his training in social work to improve the lives of young people in danger.

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