Who is Jake from State Farm? Learn all about the actor and more


All you should know about Jake from State Farm, learn all about the actor, and more.

Who is Jake from State Farm? Learn all about the actor and more
Who is Jake from State Farm? Learn all about Kevin Miles (Variety)

The actor who plays the role of Jake in “State Farm” is Kevin Miles. Kevin is an American actor who was born on July 5, 1990, in Chicago, Illinois. Kevin has faced a wide variety of ups and downs during the course of his career.

He was raised in Chicago and started acting in high school, and he pursued acting after completing his graduation. During the initial years of his career, Miles faced a lot of issues finding employment and faced things on his own.

He started his career in 2010 and acted in The Tragedy of a Mother and Son in 2012. He also starred in The Last Pick as Michael and in Lap Dance as Customer in 2014.

Let us take a deep dive into Kevin Miles and learn about him and his career.

Learn all about the actor and more

Miles started to gain fame in 2020. He was selected to play the role of Jake in the inaugural State Farm commercial. Miles became popular for the success of the commercial.

He has been featured in a wide variety of advertisements and has starred in shows such as Coors, Light, T-Mobile, and Hyundai.

He also starred in NBA 2K22, Tall Girl 2, and iCarly. He will also star as the lead in the upcoming movie Most Guys Are Losers.

He has gone through so much that she has had to sleep in his car during his struggling years. In an interview with Forves, he discussed how he struggled to make ends meet when he moved to Los Angeles in an attempt to find acting gigs.

But things started to get better after he started going to auditions and events to seek work, and he started to gain roles in commercials, etc. His character as Jake from State Farm has been instrumental in helping people connect and has helped Jake become a good neighbor.

Kevin Miles’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million, and he has garnered the wealth through his acting and brand marketing.

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