All About Adam Humphries’ Relationship: Who Is His Girlfriend and Their Dating History?


Adam Humphries is an extremely well-known NFL player, so people are naturally curious to know more about his dating history and other details of his life. As of the available information, Adam Humphries is not currently in a publicly disclosed romantic relationship.

He is currently unmarried, never having married before he was born on 24 June 1993 in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Adam Humphries' Relationship
All About Adam Humphries' Relationship: Who Is His Girlfriend and Their Dating History? 2

Kinley now has a child of her own and is no longer with her former partner. Recently, Kinley lip synced Halsey’s song You Oughta Be Miserable as part of her performance at a Halsey concert.

Adam Humphries and Kinley Crenshaw

Humphries can be forgiven for preferring to keep his personal life private. While his focus has been on building his football career, he also prioritizes family. Yet no public statement has ever been issued regarding Humphries’ romantic life or whether or not someone is currently dating him.

Multiple websites have reported Adam Humphries and Kinley Crenshaw are in a relationship, with Kinley working in Richmond Ambulance Authority and VCU emergency room respectively and sharing a child with Humphries.

The couple haven’t shared much about their relationship publicly and are keeping things private, yet their social media posts indicate they are happy and enjoying each other’s company – proving that their relationship is strong.

Adam Humphries is a free agent wide receiver in the NFL who previously played for Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tennessee Titans and Washington Football Team. After graduating Clemson University he signed as an undrafted free agent with Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2015.

Adam boasts an impressive resume filled with accolades and achievements. He boasts a net worth of $1 Million, as well as making a healthy living playing NFL (an estimated annual salary is $990,000). Adam has become a leader for his team through his dedication to the sport which has resulted in numerous successes over time.

Adam Humphries Youngster Is A Child Kid

Adam Humphries has become one of the premier wide receivers in American football. He has played for multiple teams – Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tennessee Titans and Washington Football Team among them – earning significant net worth and career earnings along the way. However, much remains unknown about his personal life.

Humphries remains single, although his status remains unclear. However, the former Clemson Tigers star and NFL player is definitely fathering William Toon Humphries; born in 2022 and currently living with Kinley Crenshaw as her resident child.

Humphries is a dedicated family man, taking great pleasure in spending time with his loved ones. Additionally, he works with Vertical Sports charity which seeks to assist those in need by way of prison visits, after-school programs for children, equipment for disabled individuals as well as providing financial aid for veterans and their families.

Humphries actively supports this cause as an active supporter and hopes that more attention can be drawn towards it in the future. The organization was started by his childhood friend Walden Lacey of Spartanburg South Carolina with Humphries supporting its work alongside Walden Lacey himself; Humphries serves on its board as its active supporter; Humphries hopes more attention can be drawn its cause with him by being an active supporter himself of Vertical Sports charity organization.

Based in Spartanburg South Carolina it was started by childhood friend Walden Lacey as its Director with Humphries being involved as its supporter hoping that it grows bringing more support through prison visits or after-school programs for children; providing equipment resources; veterans with veterans; additionally it also offers financial assistance towards veterans and their families through its initiatives; plus veterans receive financial assistance through its programs which provides financial assistance via veterans and their families via veterans services such as financial assistance from veterans/families on all three platforms simultaneously!

Adam Humphries Alienated Spouse Kinley Crenshaw

Wide receiver Calvin Humphries may have his mind focused on his professional life, but that doesn’t mean he won’t put in effort as a father to his son William Toon Humphries with partner Kinley Crenshaw – their child mother revealed this news through Instagram post.

She works for both Richmond Ambulance Authority and VCU Emergency Room and completed a four-year doctoral program in clinical psychology, making her exceptional work even more remarkable and capable than before.

Kinley is currently raising her child as a single parent. She does not want her son to grow up in an unstable home environment and seems to be working effectively enough so as to secure his future.

Adam Humphries was born 24 June 1993 in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and currently plays free agent football for Washington football team. At 29 years old and with an estimated net worth of over $1 Million he graduated Clemson before going on to play with Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tennessee Titans before landing Washington Football. Additionally he boasts an active social presence including having an Instagram account.

Kinley Crenshaw and Adam Humphries Relationship

Adam Humphries may be known for his football career, yet he prefers keeping a low profile with regard to his personal life. Rather than discussing relationships publicly with media outlets and publicists, Adam prefers living an inconspicuous existence. Still, many are curious as to his dating history and whether or not he is married.

Kinley Crenshaw was once married to NFL player Adam Humphries; they wed in 2016 and later had a child in 2022. Unfortunately, however, the marriage proved unfruitful as soon after it ended they parted ways.

Since then, Kinley has moved forward and found love again; however, she and her ex are still fighting over child custody arrangements and Kinley has shared several videos on TikTok which show the heartache surrounding her divorce proceedings.

Kinley works for Richmond Rescue Vehicle Authority and at a trauma center. She completed a four-year doctoral program in Clinical Brain Science. Outside of work, Kinley can often be seen active on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram where she posts lip sync videos to Halsey’s “You Ought to Be Miserable”, an ideal representation of her current situation which has become immensely popular and inspiring other who have also gone through similar experiences.

Who is the Girlfriend?

As of the available information, Adam Humphries is not currently in a publicly disclosed romantic relationship.

Dating Life and History:

Adam Humphries has kept his personal life private, and there is no publicly confirmed dating history. He was previously married to Kinley Crenshaw, and they had a child together in 2022. Their marriage ended, and Kinley is currently focused on her career and raising her child as a single parent. While Adam has an active presence on social media, he prefers to keep his personal life inconspicuous.

Relationship StatusAdam Humphries, the NFL player, is known to be unmarried.
Adam HumphriesAdam Humphries is a prominent NFL player who has played for several teams and actively supports charitable organizations.
Kinley CrenshawKinley Crenshaw was once married to Adam Humphries and has a child. She works in the medical field and is active on social media.


Adam Humphries, the NFL player, remains unmarried and keeps his personal life out of the public eye. His former spouse is Kinley Crenshaw, with whom he shares a child. After their marriage ended, Kinley moved on and is focused on her career and raising her child as a single parent.