Nike is back with its new Nike Air Max 97 silhouette. Here is everything about the Nike Air Max 97 Muslin and Pink Foam colourway

Nike is marking the 25th glorious year of its most popular shoe Nike Air Max 97 silhouette. For this occasion, Nike is mainly drawing inspiration from earthy tones for the Sneakers’ upcoming fresh colorways. 

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Nike Air Max 97 “Muslin and Pink Foam” edition are all set to arrive in August (Twitter)

It is arriving with its latest addition which will be the “Muslin and Pink Foam” rendition that is scheduled for August 2022. This newly-designed Nike Air Max 97 “Muslin and Pink Foam” edition is all set to arrive in the sneaker market on August 19, 2022. These shoes will be traded by the online stores of Nike and other affiliated retail merchants.

Nike is continuously expanding the horizon of its popular Air Max 97 style. The 25th anniversary of the model gave the shoe company a perfect occasion to come up with several new shapes and styles while also paying homage to earlier ones. 

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Nike Air Max 97 are one of the most popular shoe collection for NIKE (Twitter)

Let us know more about these Nike Air Max 97 “Muslin and Pink Foam” colourway

Nike has also hinted at the release of other colourways as well such as “Black Neon,” “Set to rising,” and “Team Red” earlier in 2022.

This is what Nike wrote about the origin and heritage on its official website:

“Remember the revolution. 1987 saw the birth of the Air Max lineage, showcasing visible Air for the first time. What began as an experiment in cushioning soon evolved into an icon on the track and the streets. Over the years, it’s been reimagined and retooled, but the heritage always remains.”

The tongue area is fashioned with off-white hemp canvas materials. These tongue flaps are embellished with swoosh branding tags made with cream white hues and a small brown pull tab attached to the lining.

Air Max 97’s center white uppers are surrounded by brown suede mudguards in the form of foliated designs. Pink Foam is present across the whole of the design to further elevate the aesthetics.

The White Midsoles are incorporated with very good Nike Air cushioning These midsoles are united with soft orange gum rubber outsoles to provide the first-class journey underfoot.

These shoes feature luxurious suede, high-quality nubuck leather, and hemp canvas. While easy-to-style earthy tones stimulate a little adventure in your stride, the original fast-paced esthetic, driven by Japanese bullet trains, continues to occupy center stage. This shoe will be available on Nike’s e-commerce stores for a price of $185 per pair. 

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