Taz handed over the FTW Championship to Brian Cage at AEW Fyter Fest

Brian Cage still got a title at AEW Fyter Fest as he was handed the FTW Championship by his manager Taz.

Cage was to fight Jon Moxley for the AEW World Title. However, that fight had to be postponed until next week.

Brian Cage and Taz
Brian Cage and Taz (FITE Twitter)

Moxley’s wife, Renee Young, tested positive for Covid-19 a week or so back. AEW didn’t take risks with Moxley and the former WWE star was under quarantine all this time. Fortunately, Young is recovering well and Moxley hasn’t tested positive for the virus.

However, when he does return to action, it will be Champion vs Champion as Cage now has something to highlight.

While some might believe that this is a new title handed over to Cage, the FTW Championship has been seen in the past too.

What is the full form of the FTW Championship?

The FTW Championship has a full form of F*** The World, and it originally was presented to Taz during his wrestling days.

This was brought in by Paul Heyman during the ECW days as Taz was unable to face Shane Douglas for the ECW World Heavyweight Title.

Douglas not facing Taz was part of the storyline and since Taz couldn’t get the main title, he claimed this was the “real” world title.

Brian Cage is the FTW Champion
Taz handed Brian Cage the FTW championship (Twitter)

ECW was known for its hardcore matches, and Taz certainly was one of the best in those kind of matches. The only other person to hold the FTW title in ECW was another hardcore legend, Sabu.

Taz then unified the ECW and FTW titles against Sabu in 1999 and not much was heard about the crown since AEW Fyter Fest.

Handing over the title to Cage does put a lot of onus on his client to perform well. Cage is one of the biggest names on AEW, and it will be interesting to see how he does against Moxley next week.

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