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“It’s his business” – Heath Slater originally thought Cody Rhodes not wanting to sign him was a joke

Heath Slater is unlikely to join AEW

Cody Rhodes recently said he wasn’t interested in landing Heath Slater for AEW

Heath Slater spoke with Chris van Vliet on several topics, including Cody Rhodes and his AEW chance.

Slater was recently released by WWE after several years. However, he wasn’t one of the top stars and often jobbed for others.

Cody Rhodes
Former WWE star Cody Rhodes started AEW (Image credit: Getty)

Nevertheless, Slater did have some enjoyable runs at WWE and is even a former tag champion. Several WWE stars released from the company have gone on to AEW, Rhodes’ new promotion.

There was talk about Slater doing the same but Rhodes went on to say no. Slater was asked about this situation from Van Vliet and initially, he thought this was all a joke:

“It was funny. I think it was two days later, one of my buddies sent me a thing of it.”

His friend also asked if this was true, but Slater highlighted he had a great relationship with Cody:

“Me and Cody we’ve never had harsh words or nothing, you know like we never disliked each other.”

Cody’s business

Slater went on to highlight how much he has worked over the years and he trained under some of the best too.

He was planning to work hard and show what he is capable of. However, Slater also said that AEW was Cody’s promotion and the decision making was all his:

“Bad business decision? Hell yes!

“But, it’s his business, whatever he wants to choose.”

Heath Slater was released by WWE recently
Heath Slater was released by WWE recently (WWE)

Slater was also asked about his other 3MB members. The former WWE star highlighted that Drew McIntyre always looked like a champion and maybe leaving the promotion was the right thing for him.

Jinder Mahal is also a former WWE Champion, but Slater didn’t hold an ill will to his former mates. He also believed that his time wasn’t right in WWE and things didn’t line up well for him.

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