What happened to Tom Nitti? Exploring why The Voice star left the show abruptly


All you should know about what happened to Tom Nitti and learn about the star’s abrupt exit from the show

Tom Nitti is a country artist from New York and a U.S. Army veteran who was deployed to Afghanistan. He has also had an open heart, as he sustained a brain injury while taking a mortar fire.

He wanted to become a musician and started pursuing his career in late 2019 with his winning band known as The Tom Nitti Project.

He has released four singles known as ‘Babe” in 2020 and “Couple Cans Deep,” “Country to Me,” and “Take You Away.” Here is everything you should know about the star’s abrupt exit from The Voice.

What happened to Tom Nitti
What happened to Tom Nitti? (YouTube)

What happened to Tom Nitti?

Tom Nitti, who was a part of Reba McEntire’s circle, was not there on Monday when it was time for the playoff rounds on season 24 of The Voice.

There are no extreme details available on Tom Nitti’s exit. Tom Nitti had to leave the show, and he had to quit the show due to personal reasons.

Reba mentioned on the show that she has a lot of talented people on her team, but due to Tom’s exit, she’s running short of one member on her team.

There is no specific information available about Tom Nitti’s departure. Tom Nitti performed Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours),” and his performances have been good enough; he has impressed the judges through his music.


After Tom Nitti left the show, Reba’s team was left with four contestants: Ruby Leigh, Jacquie Roar, Noah Spencer, and Jordan Rainer.

Along with its super-save singer, Ms. Monet Tom Nitti had worked as a New York State trooper for eight years, and now he trains at the New York Police Academy.

Apart from being invested in his acreage, he has also worked hard to garner a name in the music industry. Tom Nitti has arranged for artists such as Hunter Hayes, Craig Campbell, and Chris Janson. He is the father of two kids and is also well supported by his family in his passion.

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