Does Stavros Halkias have a girlfriend? Here’s all you need to know about his rumoured relationship with Rachel Sennott


Does Stavros Halkias have a girlfriend? All you should know about Stavros Halkias’s girlfriend and learn all about his rumored relationship with Rachel Sennott

Stavros Halkias is a popular American stand-up comedian and podcaster who has been active since the 2010s. Stavros Halkias was born on February 11, 1989, in Baltimore, Maryland.

He is also the founder and co-host of a podcast known as C*m Town. His parents are of Macedonian and Athenian descent.

He went to the University of Maryland. He has given performances on Adult Swim, IFC, MSG Network’s People Talking Sports, and Other Stuff.

He has appeared in Comedy Central Stand Up and has performed at various venues. Stavros Halikas has been romantically linked with Rachel Sennott. Let us take a deep dive into the relationship between the two.

Does Stavros Halkias have a girlfriend
Stavros Halkias (YouTube)

Does Stavros Halkias have a girlfriend?

Stavros Halkias is not dating anyone currently. There is no proof to support the statement that he is in a relationship. Stavros Halkias has been rumored to be dating Rachel Sennott.

Rachel Sennott is an actor and comedian who is widely known for her work in films, television, and comedy. There were rumors that they were together, but they did not confirm the status of their relationship.

She was born and brought up in Simsbury, Connecticut. She starred in Shiva Baby and has actively performed in various stand-up comedy shows in New York. Her net worth is estimated to be around $300,000.

Stavros Halkias and Rachel Sennott were linked to be together, but they did not make their relationship official, so it is not safe to comment on their relationship status.

Rachel Sennott has never spoken about her relationship with Stavros Halkias, and she has mentioned one of her boyfriends who helped and motivated her to pursue her career as a comedian.

Rachel Sennott has mentioned a guy he dated during college, and she stated how he introduced her to the world of stand-up comedy, etc.

Rachel Sennott has posted pictures with her boyfriend Logan Miller, and the two have posted pictures together. They are already in love with each other, and her current boyfriend is an American actor who hails from Colorado.


Rachel Sennott and Stavros Halkias did not confirm their relationship status and have been dating other people. However, fans were extremely excited about the two being together, and a lot of speculations were made on social media.

Rachel Sennott and her current boyfriend, Logan Miller, also appeared in Elle magazine in the May 2023 edition. The two have been posting about each other since 2020, and they have been spotted on vacations together.

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