What happened to ex-UFC star Cindy Dandois’ gym during the Covid-19 pandemic?


Former UFC star Cindy Dandois had to close down her gym due to the Covid-19 pandemic

Former UFC star Cindy Dandois had some bad news to share regarding the Covid-19 pandemic and her gym.

The Belgian fighter, who now competes in the Professional Fighters League, confirmed her gym was closed due to financial reasons.

Cindy Dandois has a decent MMA record
Cindy Dandois only had one UFC fight under her belt (Twitter)

She also confirmed opening an OnlyFans account in hopes of raising money to restart the gym. Dandois took a shot at the government too for not helping her out, and shared her story on social media:

“I lost my gym during this Covid-lockdown, no help from our gouvernement and fights cancelled,… leaving me with big financial problems. I descided to make an Only Fans so I can collect the money to re-open the gym and give the youngsters their home back.”

OnlyFans is a content subscription service, with creators earning money from fans who subscribe to them.

Although OnlyFans is known for its adult entertainment account, it does have a large selection of content creators who are cooks or fitness experts too.

Cindy Dandois is an ex-UFC star
Cindy Dandois tweeted about her problems recently (Twitter)

Covid-19 has hit many businesses across the world, and hopefully, Dandois can get back on her feet and reopen her gym.

An impressive record

While Dandois only had one fight in her UFC career, she does have an impressive MMA record. The 35-year-old lost her only UFC fight but holds a record of 16 wins and five losses.

Further, she was on a four-fight win streak across several European promotions in late 2019. Dandois last fought Eleni Mytilinaki in Cage Survivor 14 on 15 December 2019.

Cindy Dandois has opened an OnlyFans account
Cindy Dandois has opened an OnlyFans account after her gym closed (Twitter)

The Belgian has also fought in Rizin, Bellator and Invicta during her MMA career. Dandois also holds win over some top names such as Megan Anderson and Jessamyn Duke, but those were from her Invicta days.

She signed for the Professional Fighters League in 2020 but is yet to fight for them. Dandois also had one fight in Bellator but lost that to Olga Rubin.

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