What Halloween costume did Heidi Klum wear in 2023? Model stuns fans with outfit


All you should know about Heidi Klum’s Halloween costume 2023 and how she left her fans stunned

Heidi Klum is a popular German and American actress, television host, producer, and businesswoman who was born on June 1, 1973, in Bergisch, Gladbach.

Heidi appeared on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 1998. She is also the first German model to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel and has had a very impressive career during the course of her life.

Heidi has gained a lot of attention since she was spotted in her Halloween costume. Let us take a deep dive into Heidi’s Halloween outfit.

Heidi Klum Halloween 2023
Heidi Klum as a Peacock for Halloween 2023 (ET)

What Halloween costume did Heidi Klum wear in 2023?

Klum was spotted wearing a peacock’s costume for Halloween. Klum was wearing a blue bodysuit and was surrounded by various models who were spotted wearing bodysuits that represented peacock feathers.

Heidi Klum has taken the internet by storm with her Halloween costume in 2023. At her 22nd Halloween party, Heidi was seen flaunting her new look and how the models represented the feathers and she represented the peacock’s body.

Heidi reflected on her look, stating that she wanted to do a collaboration. Heidi went on to say that she was thinking about the possibilities of Halloween, and she wanted to have 20 people around her and make one look.

Heidi collaborated with Du Soleil, and they worked together to create different poses. One of the funniest aspects of Halloween was my husband, who was dressed as an egg.

Her husband, Tom Kaulitz, said that his wife asked him what he should do to match her peacock look. Before unveiling her look to the world, she gave a hint to TODAY magazine that her look would surprise a lot of people.


Heidi Klum is widely known for her Halloween looks, and she has always talked about her looks every year. She had been releasing a teaser on her Instagram handle and stated that she had three days to go.

Heidi said that she was very nervous, and after her looks went live when it started to go viral and gifs were being made by fans, that is when she realizes that her look was a hit.

Klum uses a wide variety of creativity, makeup, and artists to bring out her Halloween looks. Heidi has charmed everyone with her looks since 2000. Last year, she presented her look as a cute little rainworm and garnered a lot of attention.

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