What did Gina Carano say about Kathleen Kennedy? Former Mandalorian star blasts LucasFilm boss


All you should know about what Gina Carano said about Kathleen Kennedy and how the former star blasts Lucasfilm Boss

Gina Carano chimed in to express her feelings against her ex-boss, Kathleen Kennedy. In 2021, Gina gained widespread attention for her promotional posts, which led to the termination of her role as Cara Dune in the Star Wars series, and she did not make it to the third season.

Gina stated that the way Kathleen was promised, she would come ahead and take her revenge. She stated that Kennedy would take down South Park.

She also stated that she will ask YouTube to disable the thumbs-down operation because of the ratio she will receive. She also went on to say that she will ask her publicists to run pieces on the show and its creators to magazines such as Variety and Hollywood Reporter.

Let us take a deep dive into what else has happened between the two.

Gina Carano and Kathleen Kennedy
Gina Carano and Kathleen Kennedy (via Twitter/Getty)

What did Gina Carano say about Kathleen Kennedy?

Gina took to X, formerly known as Twitter, and expressed Kathleen’s reactions and how she would take down South Park and launch attacks against its creators, etc.

She even stated that they would have to apologize to her in words that she would approve, and they would be subjected to a 45-minute educational course and get into a Zoom meeting to discuss how badly their feelings have been hurt.

She posted another rant a few days later, gave a response to her, and said that she was losing her mind. To which she responded that they were fired and dehumanized people, and they did absolutely nothing wrong.

She stated that she’s open on all fronts, but she refuses to be discriminated against and will not tolerate being discriminated against, and she stated that I did not do anything wrong.

In South Park, funny digs were taken against Kennedy, but also against Youtubers who spent time complaining about Kennedy and diversity in her videos.


Gina went on to say that Kathleen Kennedy’s actions have reduced people’s interest in the beloved franchise. She stated that they were unfair towards their employees, did not take anything into consideration, and called their leadership weak.

Gina has had her own share of negative experiences with Disney and Lucasfilm. After Carano’s firing, the character played by her was laid aside, but fans expect them to cast her again in another role, in the role of Cara Dune or another character.

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