Travis Kelce Dating History: Exploring the NFL Star’s Past Relationships

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Travis Kelce, the talented NFL tight end, has had an interesting relationship and dating history.

While known for his impressive skills on the football field, his personal life has also captured the attention of many. Let’s take a look at his journey through relationships.

Travis Kelce’s relationship history has been a mix of highs and lows, just like any ordinary person. He’s been in a few significant relationships over the years, and here, we’ll delve into some of the more prominent ones.

Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole

Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole began dating in 2017, reportedly initiated by Kelce’s Instagram interactions. The couple briefly split in the summer of 2020 but reunited a few months later. The breakup rumors initially sparked speculation about Kelce’s alleged infidelity, which he denied on Twitter, emphasizing that these were baseless claims.

Their relationship continued, with Kelce referring to Nicole as his girlfriend during an Instagram Live session with WNBA player Chiney Ogwumike. In May 2022, Kelce and Nicole parted ways once again, though the exact reasons for their breakup remained undisclosed.

Addressing False Claims

During their relationship, false claims circulated that Kelce did not contribute financially to their shared expenses. Both Kelce and Nicole denied these allegations, clarifying that their financial arrangements were equitable and that they supported each other during their five-year relationship.

Nicole’s Reaction

After their breakup, Kayla Nicole posted a now-deleted TikTok video, where she expressed her thoughts on the relationship and its duration. While it’s unclear if Nicole has commented on Kelce’s rumored relationship with Taylor Swift, it’s important to follow any updates in case she addresses this topic.

Travis Kelce and Zuri Hall

A few months after Nicole and Kelce called it quits for good, he sparked romance rumors with “Access Hollywood” correspondent Zuri Hall.

In October 2022, Hall was spotted sitting in his family’s suite at a Chiefs game, according to a screenshot from a Barstool Sports blog post. One of Kelce’s friends also shared a video of Hall with the NFL player in the background, as reported by Hollywood Life at the time. This unexpected turn of events added a new layer to Travis Kelce’s relationship history.

The sightings of Zuri Hall with Travis Kelce at a Chiefs game had fans and the media buzzing with curiosity. The speculation about their relationship sparked conversations on social media, with many wondering if a new romance was blossoming.

What made this episode even more intriguing was the fact that neither Zuri Hall nor Travis Kelce ever addressed these rumors. Their silence on the matter only added to the mystery and speculation surrounding their connection.

Travis Kelce and Maya Benberry

In 2018, Travis Kelce also dated Maya Benberry, who won the first season of “Catching Kelce.” Their relationship was short-lived, and they eventually parted ways. This experience taught us that love can be unpredictable, and sometimes, the initial spark might not lead to a lasting flame.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

Rumours began circulating when Travis Kelce shared a story about attending one of Taylor Swift’s concerts at Arrowhead Stadium on his podcast, New Heights. He expressed his disappointment about not being able to meet her after the show, even though he had a special bracelet with his phone number made for her. Although this led to speculations about a budding romance, neither Taylor Swift nor Travis Kelce has confirmed these rumours.

Adding fuel to the rumours, Taylor Swift was spotted at a Kansas City Chiefs game at Arrowhead Stadium, in Travis Kelce’s box. She was even seen wearing a Chiefs jacket and celebrating Kelce’s touchdown with enthusiasm. This public appearance further ignited discussions about their relationship.

A video on TikTok garnered attention with a new Taylor Swift song hinting at a breakup with Travis Kelce. However, it’s important to note that some TikTok content may not be reliable and could be generated using AI software.

Travis Kelce’s Relationship HistoryExplore Travis Kelce’s romantic journey, from his relationship with Kayla Nicole to rumored connections with Zuri Hall, Maya Benberry, and even Taylor Swift.
Travis Kelce and Kayla NicoleTravis Kelce and Kayla Nicole’s relationship began in 2017 and endured multiple breakups and rumors. The couple faced false claims and eventual separation in May 2022.
Addressing False ClaimsDuring their relationship, Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole had to address false allegations regarding financial contributions, which they clarified as equitable support.
Travis Kelce and Zuri HallFollowing his breakup with Kayla Nicole, Travis Kelce was linked to Zuri Hall, a relationship marked by sightings at Chiefs games and the absence of official statements on their status.
Travis Kelce and Maya BenberryTravis Kelce briefly dated Maya Benberry, who won the first season of “Catching Kelce.” Their relationship was short-lived and ended relatively quickly.


 Travis Kelce’s dating history has been a topic of intrigue for fans and the media. While rumours of a relationship with Taylor Swift have sparked curiosity, there has been no official confirmation from reliable sources.

Kelce’s past relationships, including his time with Kayla Nicole, have also raised questions and garnered attention. As the story continues to unfold, fans will be keeping a close watch on any developments in the NFL star’s romantic life.