Warriors star Steph Curry’s ‘Night Night’ celebration has been taken to a whole new level by Maalique Foster.

The “Night Night” celebration of Steph Curry has swept the sports world. Everyone has joined in the celebration, from professional athletes to minor league players, and Maalique Foster of Sacramento Republic FC was the most recent.

Maalique, a Sacramento player, floated a shot beyond the diving goalie during the championship game, and he celebrated by flipping over and exclaiming “night night,” a gesture made popular by Warriors star Stephen Curry during the most recent NBA Playoffs.

Steph is embracing all the many ways that athletes are celebrating, especially in minor sports. Steph was one of the most important players ever, transcendent on the court, and his influence is already permeating other sports. This is a movement, as seen by MLB players performing the “Night Night” celebration after walk-off home runs, young sportsmen adding their own inventive twists, Ousmae Dembélé performing it for Juventus, and now Maalique Foster for Sacramento.

Steph Curry enjoys hearing different perspectives on the holiday and has acknowledged numerous of them on Twitter. LeBron James recently expressed his opinions on the celebration in the wake of an incident in which a young player really slept off on the floor after a successful jump shot.

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Top sportsmen from over the world to Little League players have been participating in the celebration, and FC Barcelona star Ousmae Dembélé was also, most recently to do so.

Dembélé attacked Juventus with the “Night Night” celebration after a score put Barcelona up 2-1. The celebration has gained enormous popularity, drawing athletes from every discipline. Steph Curry is adoring the “Night Night” movement after popularising it during the NBA playoffs, which resulted in his fourth title and a first MVP award for the Finals. Steph is supporting the “Night Night” celebration that athletes all over the world are enjoying.

One Fan on Twitter reacted, “@StephenCurry30 must be proud. This celebration is indeed a movement.”

“It’s ‘Night Night’ all summer long I see… Thanks @StephenCurry30”, another fan tweeted.

Here are a few more reactions from Twitter on this celebration:

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