Warcraft Rumble Heroic Campaign Guide: How to unlock, Rewards, and more


We are here to explain you every single detail about the Warcraft Rumble Heroic Campaign. Learn about the rewards you can get from it.

Warcraft Rumble is a really exciting game made by Blizzard Entertainment. It’s an action strategy game set in the famous Warcraft universe. In the game, players get to experience thrilling battles in dynamic arenas. One of the toughest challenges in this gaming world is the Heroic Campaign.

It’s a mode that takes maps you’ve already beaten and turns them into really tough challenges. In this guide, we will explore how to unlock the Heroic Campaign, understand its complexities, and enjoy the valuable rewards it provides.

The barrens
The barrens

What is the Warcraft Rumble Heroic Campaign?

The Heroic Campaign is more than just a harder level; it’s a truly life-changing adventure. Once you unlock them, all the maps you’ve already conquered will transform into Heroic Campaign Maps. This means you’ll need to rethink your strategy and approach them in a different way.

How to unlock the Warcraft Rumble Heroic Campaign?

In order to start the Warcraft Rumble Heroic Campaign, you need to collect 50 Sigils. These Sigils are like a key to a more challenging level, where things get harder and new ways to finish maps that you’ve already cleared appear. Wow, you’ve really shown your skills in Warcraft Rumble with this phase! It’s a challenging addition that takes your gaming experience to the next level.

Heroic Campaign: Tips and Strategies

1. Increased Overall Difficulty

The Warcraft Rumble Heroic Campaign is not for those who are easily discouraged. You should be prepared for a significant increase in difficulty, as the enemies on Heroic Campaign Maps will be 10 levels higher than before. To successfully navigate through these heightened challenges, it’s important to finely tune and level up your Minis.

2. New Challenges Await

Warcraft Rumble Heroic Campaign bring in new strategies and elements for bosses and enemies. Bosses are starting to act differently, which means things that used to be familiar are now unfamiliar. In The Dockmaster Campaign Map, get ready for a Mini that can throw two barrels instead of just one. This will change how your battles play out.

3. Map Changes

Heroic Missions not only make things more exciting, but they also bring in riskier tricks for maps and boss fights. Make sure you’re ready for surprising turns in battles that you’re already familiar with. King Mukla’s bananas now make unit levels go down, and Jaina Proudmoore’s Blizzard areas have become twice as big. To succeed in the ever-changing Heroic Campaign landscape, it’s important to adapt and come up with smart strategies.

The quests
The quests

4. Completing a Heroic Map

Winning a Heroic Mission requires careful planning and attention to detail. In every Heroic area, there are five slots that look like shields for each mission. To completely clear a Heroic Mission, you need to defeat that level using a leader from each of the five different Factions. This is a test to see how well you can adapt and think strategically.

Rewards of Warcraft Rumble Heroic Campaign

1. Sigils

Completing a Warcraft Rumble Heroic Campaign Map not only overcomes challenges but also yields additional Sigils, surpassing the 75 provided in the standard campaign. These Sigils are invaluable, offering a competitive edge in your Warcraft Rumble journey.

2. Tomes

Completing Warcraft Rumble Heroic Campaign Maps with just one family leader is a really rewarding way to unlock tomes. When you use a leader, you can earn up to five Experience Tomes. These books make the troops from the same family as the leader better when they complete maps.

3. Gold

When you successfully complete a challenging campaign map with all five family leaders, you will receive a generous reward of 200 Gold. This extra resource gives players valuable currency to use for in-game activities and upgrades, helping them make strategic progress.

4. Upgrade Cores Achievement

You’ll earn Upgrade Cores once you’ve successfully conquered all five Heroic Campaign Maps. These cores are really important in making Mini more rare and making your arsenal better in the long run. When you succeed in Heroic Campaigns, you not only get immediate rewards but also influence the path of your Warcraft Rumble journey.



Becoming a pro at Warcraft Rumble Heroic Campaigns is quite a tough task, but the rewards you get are totally worth it. Each time you conquer something in the game, whether it’s through Sigils, Experience Tomes, or Gold, it helps you become more powerful in the game. In Heroic Campaigns, having strategic depth is really important. 

It’s all about Warcraft Rumble, where your ability to adapt and your skill are what decide whether you come out on top. Show off your amazing strategic skills, dominate challenging campaigns, and become the ultimate champion of Warcraft Rumble.


What is the Heroic Campaign in Warcraft Rumble?

The Heroic Campaign in Warcraft Rumble is an advanced game feature that elevates the difficulty of previously cleared campaign zones. Once unlocked, all cleared maps permanently transform into Heroic Campaign Maps, presenting new challenges and completion conditions.

How do I unlock the Heroic Campaign?

To unlock the Heroic Campaign, players must collect 50 Sigils. These Sigils serve as the key to accessing an advanced phase of the game, introducing heightened difficulty levels and new completion conditions for previously conquered maps.

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