War Thunder RN Bolzano: The Last Stand – War Thunder’s SECRET WEAPON Revealed!


War Thunder RN Bolzano is the newest trick up your sleeve to bombard those battles and destroy enemies.

War Thunder is a free to play game that is most famous for the realistic battles on ground air and water. This game is famous for its real-world counterparts that include military weapons from the 20th century to date.

This game is for Gamers who are into military Warfare and realistic combat scenarios. There has been a new ship that was introduced in War Thunder called the War Thunder RN Bolzano. Let us explore how this new ship can deal damage to its foes and help you with those victories.

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War Thunder Cover

War Thunder RN Bolzano- Breakdown

War Thunder RN Bolzano is a heavy Cruiser based out of Italy and its Rank is rank IV. This ship was added as a part of the latest Alpha strike update. It is a huge ship with immense firepower and a lot of mobility for its size. Even though its protection is low it more than covers up for it with its insane attacking and dodging abilities. The best part of the War Thunder RN Bolzano is that there is a scout plane included.

This ship is inspired by the designs of Trento and Zara class Cruises. The weapons include 100 mm 37 mm and 13 mm machine guns. It also includes 8-inch cannons that can damage heavily armored enemies. Even though it can deal a lot of damage when it comes to Defense and protection the large size might not come in handy as much as players think. On the other hand, the ship can go up to speeds of 65 km per hour making it one of the quickest and mobile ships in War Thunder

War Thunder RN Bolzano
War Thunder RN Bolzano

War Thunder Verdict

Play War Thunder now and check out this gem of a vehicle that can pummel enemies. War Thunder can easily be considered one of the best games in the market that has realistic vehicles and military gameplay. The game has received numerous positive reviews from critics and gamers alike and since it’s a free to play game gamers have to try it out, especially those who love real militaristic warfare.

This game was released more than a decade ago and is still relevant to a lot of gamers in this day and age. Just look at the graphics that were released back in 2013 and compare it with a lot of new gereration graphics right now. For some reason they still hold up.

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War Thunder 11th Year anniversary

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When was War Thunder released?

War Thunder was released back in August of 2013.

What platforms is War Thunder available on?

War Thunder is available on Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Microsoft Windows, MacOS and Linux.

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