Valorant Premier Mode Explained – How it Works, Release Date, and More



Here’s our Valorant Premier Tournament Mode guide with the release date, working style, and more.

Valorant has been coming up with new features and content every new season. There are new Agents, Weapons, Skins, and other Cosmetics that will be coming up with every new act and season. Riot Games has always surprised Valorant fans with unexpected updates and features, one such new addition is the Premier Tournament mode. The Premier Mode in Valorant has been in the making for a longer time and yet there is not a single update on its release date. There were a couple of alpha tests for this Premier Mode and it’s expected that the new tournament mode will be launched in the 2023 first half.

The upcoming Premier Tournament mode is exclusive to Valorant Competitive and you can join hands with your friends and other random players to compete against other top teams. The first alpha test for premier mode was held in Brazil and there were no talks after its test. This has caused major confusion among the Valorant fans and players about whether the new tournament mode will be launched or not. But right now the team of Valorant has come up with an official update on the premier mode and its global open beta. Here is everything about the Premier Tournament Mode in Valorant along with its release date, working style, and more from our latest guide.

Valorant Premier Mode – All You Need to Know

The first Alpha test run for the premier mode was done successfully and several key features were also tested during this time. The developers had a long run and key aspects like team creation, matchmaking, tournament play, and scores were also checked in the run.

Premier mode allows you to go past the Radiant mode according to the developers as this premier is a kind of pro mode. You can create a team and join up to 5 players and play against top ranked players and teams. The premier mode is akin to the clash tournaments in League of Legends and here in Valorant you will be added to a division and play weekly and tournament games. If you progress in this division, you will be playing for the Division Champion title at the end. It’s more like VCT and those who desire to become a professional player in Valorant won’t get a better chance than this.

Valorant Premier Tournament Mode – When Does it Release?

It was a mystery for a long time, but right now Riot Games have updated the Premier Tournament Mode global open beta is coming soon. So, you can expect the premier mode very very much sooner than expected in the game. And, Riot Games is also yet to decide who will get access to this premier mode, whether players who have reached radiant or will everyone get access remains to be a question again. Once there’s a confirmed release date for premier mode, we are sure to update you with the same. 

Valorant Premier Mode
Premier Tournament Mode

That’s everything you need to know about Valorant Premier Mode latest release date updates. We will come back with more Valorant updates and guides soon. 

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