Unravelling the links: How is Bron Breakker related to wrestling great Scott Steiner?


Here is everything you should know about Bron Breakker and if he is related to the legendary Scott Steiner.

Unravelling the links: How is Bron Breakker related to wrestling great Scott Steiner?
Bron Breakker and Scott Steiner (WWE)

Bronson Rechsteiner, also known by his ring name Bron Breakker, is an American professional wrestler who was born on October 24, 1997 and was brought up and raised in Woodstock, United States.

He attended Etowah High School in Woodstock and played football and even wrestled during his school and college days. He went to Kennesaw State University and majored in criminal justice.

After being released from the NFL, Bron made his professional wrestling debut on October 8, 2020, at the Wrestle Jam, where he defeated Jamie Hall. In 2021, he was signed by the WWE, and in 2021, he appeared on NXT, where he was attacked by Samoa Joe.

He wrestled his first WWE mat for NXT in September 2023, and he defeated LA Knight. He also participated in the tour for WWE in the UK. There have been rumors about whether Bron is related to the lead, Rick Steiner. Is there any truth to the rumors?

Bron Breakker is a second-generation WWE wrestler, and he comes from a family of wrestlers. His father is the iconic WWE legend Rick Steiner, who is the brother of Scott Steiner. Bron Breakker is the nephew of Scott Steiner, who, along with his brother Rick, was part of the iconic duo “The Steiners”.

Bron is not the son of Scott, but Scott is his uncle. Breakker had the honor of naming his father and his brother in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Scott Steiner has also been very valuable to Bron, imparting a lot of wisdom to him and encouraging him to keep going. Bron commented on his uncle and said that he is a wonderful man and he used to scare him a lot, and it was scary having him as an uncle, and he mentioned an incident where Scott scared him as he was going to prom.

Bron Breakker did not take your family’s name as he wanted to build something for himself, and he has been doing well in the field of wrestling.


The relationship between Bron Breakker and Scott Steiner is of a nephew and uncle. Bron Breakker has performed well and is one of the most dominant NXT champions.

He has defecated various WWE stars such as Tommaso Ciampa, Dolph Ziggler, Gunther, Apollo Crews, and Grayson Waller. There’s a lot more to come for Bron. It is going to be quite exciting for what’s to come in the upcoming years.

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