(Photos) Mackenzie Dern suffers possible broken nose mid-fight against Virna Jandiroba


A knee caught Mackenzie Dern in the nose and she could have broken it against Virna Jandiroba

Mackenzie Dern vs Virna Jandiroba was set up to be an excellent fight as both women came out flying from the first minute at UFC 256.

The Brazilian-American, Dern, was coming on the back of two wins and she would have been the slight favourite against Jandiroba.

Mackenzie Dern with her broken nose
Mackenzie Dern in her fight at UFC 256 (Twitter)

Things took a twist in the second round when Dern inadvertently poked her rival in the eye. Jandiroba needed some help from the medics but was able to continue on.

Dern seemed to have gotten a warning from referee Jason Herzog, and the fight restarted. However, there was more problems for Dern before the end of the second round.

She was caught by a knee from her rival and Dern’s nose seemed to be busted open. The Brazilian was bleeding a lot from it and during one clinch, she seemed to be moving the broken nose around.

Dern needed a lot of work on the nose during the break in between the round, but was able to start the third round too.

A slobber knocker

Both women turned it up in the third round though. They were throwing haymakers at each other in hopes of getting the win.

The fight ended with an attempt from Jandiroba trying to secure a submission but Dern survived.

She even asked her coach in between if she had broken her nose, but he said it was just a cut. That seems far-fetched at the moment, given the damage that can be seen, and it will be interesting to see what details do come out.

Dern did get the unanimous win and she even hurt her rival. One of her punches landed on Jandiroba and the Brazilian was left with a swollen eye, and not the one that was poked.

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