Israel Adesanya Calls Upon Divine Intervention: ‘Manifesting’ Dricus Du Plessis Win vs. Robert Whittaker at UFC 290


Israel Adesanya Calls Upon Divine Intervention: ‘Manifesting’ Dricus Du Plessis Win vs. Robert Whittaker at UFC 290

Israel Adesanya, the reigning Middleweight champion of the UFC, has made his intentions clear ahead of UFC 290, scheduled to take place on July 8, 2023. Adesanya will be closely watching the Middleweight contender bout between Robert Whittaker and Dricus Du Plessis, as the winner will determine Adesanya’s next title challenger.

Israel Adesanya, the next big thing in UFC
Adesanya doing his celebration

Adesanya has been targeting a fight with Du Plessis ever since the rising contender made comments about African champions in the UFC. Despite some back-and-forth exchanges regarding their statements, Adesanya believes Du Plessis needs to prove himself against the tough former champion from Australia, Whittaker, who Adesanya defeated to win the title in 2019.

In a recent interview with The MMA Hour, Adesanya expressed his confidence in Du Plessis, stating, “I’m going to manifest [Du Plessis] winning this fight in the first round, and when he does, I’m going to be right there in the cage so he can turn around in September.” Adesanya also dismissed any potential excuses from Whittaker, emphasizing his determination to fight Du Plessis in Sydney in September.

Addressing the controversy surrounding their previous exchanges, Adesanya clarified his stance, saying, “I never questioned his ethnicity. I never said he’s not African.” Adesanya took issue with Du Plessis’ remarks about African heritage, stating, “How the f—k are you going to question me, Francis [Ngannou], and Kamaru [Usman’s] blackness or African-ness? Who the f—k are you?” Adesanya further stressed his own knowledge of his heritage and identity, expressing his desire to educate Du Plessis on the matter.

Looking ahead to the potential fight, Adesanya discussed his previous training experience with Du Plessis, stating, “Funny enough, we’ve trained together before. I whooped his ass.” Adesanya acknowledged Du Plessis’ wrestling skills but remained confident in his ability to outperform him in the Octagon.

While Du Plessis is currently considered the underdog, Adesanya believes in his capabilities and has faith in his own manifesting abilities. He concluded by saying, “It’s going to be first round, Dricus, f—k him (Whittaker) up, somehow, by some magic, some juju. We’ll make it happen. Really, I’ll pray on this and make it happen.”

UFC 293 is scheduled to take place in Australia on September 10, 2023. The hope is that the winner of the Whittaker vs. Du Plessis bout will be ready to face Adesanya in a highly anticipated showdown.

With Adesanya’s strong determination and unwavering confidence, the Middleweight division is in for an exciting future, as the champion continues to make his mark in the UFC.

Israel Adesanya Calls for Higher Post-Fight Bonuses in the UFC: “Inflation is Going Up!”

Israel Adesanya, the reigning Middleweight champion, expressed his belief that the UFC should increase post-fight bonuses for its fighters. In a recent appearance on the Impaulsive podcast, Adesanya highlighted the UFC’s recent merger with the WWE, valuing the company at $21.4 billion, and suggested that the bonuses should reflect the growth and success of the organization.

Adesanya acknowledged that the current bonus structure of $50,000 is a nice reward but emphasized that his knockouts alone are worth that amount. He cited instances where the UFC increased the bonuses to $100,000 for certain milestone events and called for a similar adjustment to the regular bonus amounts.

The middleweight champion pointed out the impact of inflation and the rising costs of living, suggesting that it’s only fair for the post-fight bonuses to increase as well. Adesanya made it clear that he has conveyed his thoughts to the UFC and believes that raising the bonuses is a reasonable request given the company’s financial success.

Adesanya’s call for higher post-fight bonuses reflects a larger conversation about fighter pay and compensation in the UFC. As the sport continues to grow and generate substantial revenue, many fighters have advocated for improved compensation and a fairer distribution of profits. Adesanya’s remarks shed light on the need for the promotion to prioritize the financial well-being of its athletes.

In a sport where fighters put their bodies on the line and entertain millions of fans, it is crucial to ensure that they are appropriately rewarded for their efforts. Adesanya’s outspoken stance on the issue adds to the ongoing dialogue within the MMA community, encouraging a more equitable system that reflects the value and dedication fighters bring to the Octagon.

Israel Adesanya’s plea for increased post-fight bonuses resonates with the fighters and fans alike, highlighting the need for the UFC to address fighter compensation in line with the company’s financial growth. As the sport evolves, it becomes increasingly important to recognize the contributions of the athletes and provide them with fair and competitive compensation packages.

“My knockouts alone are worth $50,000. The UFC and WWE merger, a $21.4 billion dollar company. I’m like, yo, they can go up. It’s been a few years, inflation has been going up. The bonuses have to go up, that’s how I feel. Well, I’ve told them this, I’ve said this publicly, it’s nothing crazy.”

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