Dana White wasn’t sure what the future held for Khabib Nurmagomedov but wanted him to fight for a 30th time

Khabib Nurmagomedov shocked the world after retiring from the UFC recently. He defeated Justin Gaethje and kept hold of this title.

However, he dropped his gloves and retired from fighting after a promise he made to his mother. That sent the world crazy as Khabib was undefeated in his career and had spoken of fighting for a 30th time.

Khabib Nurmagomedov announced his retirement after UFC 254
“Ignorance of White”, “Dark psychological tactics” - Fans blast Dana White for sharing Khabib Nurmagomedov meeting date 2

The decision to retire was taken after his father and coach passed away earlier in the year and there were doubts he would fight again.

Dana White, the UFC president, however, hasn’t confirmed that Khabib has retired. White hasn’t even taken the title off him and he recently claimed that The Russian could be back after next month:

“I think his dad wanting him to get to 30-0 is in the back of his mind and he wants to achieve that because he knew his father wanted it.

“But we will see. He and I are going to get together next month and talk. He might not, maybe he won’t fight, I don’t know the answer to that.

“But, I am a little confident that I can talk him into it.”

Fans unhappy with White

This isn’t the first time White has made this suggestion. He even claimed that the big Dustin Poirier vs Conor McGregor fight next year wasn’t going to be for an interim title.

However, he did say that things could change after his meeting with Khabib. Many fans believe that Khabib is done but the lure of a super fight against the legendary Georges St-Pierre could bring him back.

Some fans, however, have been critical of White for his incessant follow ups on Khabib. The Russian needs time to make a decision and has spoken of taking up other projects while he enjoys his retired life.

Many fans posted their thoughts on White and blasted the UFC president for again bringing Khabib into the news.


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