Daniel Cormier Reveals His No. 1 Pick for Best UFC Fighter to Never Win Title


Daniel Cormier Reveals His No. 1 Pick for Best UFC Fighter to Never Win Title

Former UFC champion Daniel Cormier recently shared his thoughts on the best fighter to have never won a UFC championship, and his top pick goes to his former opponent, Dan Henderson. While Henderson achieved titles in other major promotions, including being the PRIDE middleweight and light heavyweight champion, he fell short in his three attempts to capture UFC gold.

Daniel Cormier
Daniel Cormier

Henderson’s back-to-back title shots against Quentin Jackson at light heavyweight and Anderson Silva at middleweight were highly anticipated, but he couldn’t secure the victory in either bout. The final opportunity for Henderson to claim a UFC title came in his last career fight at UFC 204, where he faced Michael Bisping in a rematch. Despite knocking Bisping down twice, Henderson couldn’t finish him, and Bisping emerged victorious by decision.

During his ESPN show “DC & RC,” Cormier expressed his agreement with Henderson as the best fighter to never win a UFC championship. He praised Henderson’s achievements as the PRIDE champion and acknowledged his valiant efforts in challenging for the UFC title. Cormier also highlighted Henderson’s close split decision loss to Bisping, a fight many believed Henderson had won.

“At No. 1, I agree with you with Dan Henderson. PRIDE middleweight, light heavyweight champion. Also fought for the belt at the UFC, 0-3 there. Also fought Michael Bisping at an advanced age and lost a split decision in a fight that a lot of people thought that he won.”

Cormier’s list of top fighters to never win a UFC title includes Alexander Gustafsson, a former three-time light heavyweight title challenger known for his close battles against Cormier and Jon Jones. Also on the list is Gray Maynard, a former two-time lightweight title challenger, Tony Ferguson, a former interim lightweight champion, and Urijah Faber, a former WEC featherweight champion and four-time UFC bantamweight title challenger.

These fighters have left a lasting impact on the sport, showcasing their skills and determination despite falling short of capturing UFC gold. While they may not have secured the coveted championship belts, their legacies as elite competitors in the Octagon remain intact.

Daniel Cormier: Jim Miller isn’t UFC Hall of Fame worthy – ‘Time served’ doesn’t get you in

Fans of the UFC are undoubtedly familiar with the name Jim Miller, who holds the records for the most fights and wins in the promotion’s history. With his recent victory over Jesse Butler at a Fight Night event in Las Vegas, Miller solidified his place in the record books. However, former two-division UFC champion Daniel Cormier doesn’t believe that Miller’s achievements alone make him deserving of a spot in the UFC Hall of Fame.

During a recent episode of “DC & RC,” the talk show co-hosted by Cormier and former NFL player Ryan Clark, Cormier explained his criteria for Hall of Fame induction and how it differs from Miller’s career accomplishments.

“I don’t feel like time served immediately puts you in the Hall of Fame,” Cormier expressed to Clark. “He’s got more wins than anyone else. I love Jim Miller, and this makes it hard for me, but I just don’t feel that time served puts you in the Hall of Fame. [Clark,] there’s an offensive lineman in the NFL right now that played 20 years. Does that guy go into the Hall of Fame just because he played 20 years? Doesn’t work that way, RC.”

Cormier’s viewpoint reflects the historical criteria for Hall of Fame inclusion, which often focused on fighters who won UFC tournaments or championships. However, there have been recent discussions about expanding the criteria. This year, Donald Cerrone, who never captured a UFC title but had a lengthy and exciting career, will be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. This decision has sparked a debate about what truly qualifies a fighter for induction.

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