Dana White Drops Bombshell: Power Slap Video Game in the Works Alongside EA Sports UFC 5 Announcement


Dana White Drops Bombshell: Power Slap Video Game in the Works Alongside EA Sports UFC 5 Announcement

UFC President Dana White has teased the development of a new video game based on the slap-fighting promotion known as Power Slap. This announcement comes on the heels of EA Sports confirming the highly anticipated UFC 5.

Dana White
Dana White

While details about the Power Slap game are still scarce, White hinted at its progress during a recent interaction. When asked for an update on the game, he responded, “It’s funny you ask that. I did get some information on that today. We’re getting close to getting it done and getting it out.”

Power Slap, derived from the controversial series aired on TBS and Rumble, is expected to offer players the opportunity to virtually engage in slap fights where the goal is to knock out opponents with a single, well-placed slap.

Fan reactions to the news have been diverse, ranging from humorous to critical. Some social media users shared sarcastic comments and memes, poking fun at the presumed simplicity of the game. Others drew comparisons to the popular mobile game Slap Kings, highlighting its straightforward gameplay and millions of downloads.

However, not all responses have been lighthearted. Skepticism and criticism emerged within the Reddit UFC community, with some users mocking the idea and expressing doubt about the game’s quality and worthiness of investment.

Power Slap has faced controversy since its inception, as concerns about the well-being and safety of participants have been raised. The sport has drawn criticism from neuroscience professionals, combat sports athletes, and lawmakers. White and the show’s producers, however, have defended Power Slap, asserting that participants endure fewer hits compared to traditional boxing, and emphasizing the provision of proper medical attention.

While specific details about the Power Slap game, including platforms and release dates, remain unknown, the announcement has undoubtedly stirred interest within the gaming community. As fans eagerly anticipate UFC 5, the Power Slap game will likely attract attention and ignite further debates surrounding the sport’s nature and potential risks.

As more information emerges, we will keep you updated on any developments related to the Power Slap video game.

Dana White to Hold High-Stakes Talks with ESPN, Future of UFC Partnership Hangs in the Balance?

In a stunning development, UFC President Dana White is gearing up for a crucial sit-down with top executives at ESPN to discuss the future of their partnership. The stakes are high as the current broadcasting rights deal between the UFC and ESPN is set to expire in 2025.

White revealed in a recent interview with Sports Business Journal that he has scheduled a meeting with Mark Shapiro, President of Endeavor, and Jimmy Pitaro, President of ESPN, within the next month to explore the potential extension of their collaboration.

The UFC and ESPN joined forces in 2019, making ESPN+ the exclusive provider of UFC pay-per-view cards. This partnership has significantly contributed to the global popularity and reach of the UFC.

While White is eager to continue the fruitful partnership, ESPN remains non-committal about a new deal. Matt Kenny, ESPN Vice President of Combat Sports Programming, emphasized their appreciation for the UFC but stopped short of making any promises.

Before ESPN, the UFC had broadcasting agreements with Fox Sports and Spike TV. However, their current ESPN deal has undoubtedly elevated the promotion’s status.

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