LeBron James was spotted towering over Italy footballer Lorenzo Insigne in an image and Twitterati had a lot to say about it.

It’s understandable why the encounter between LeBron James and Lorenzo Insigne has gone viral online.

Italian footballer Insigne recently ended his 12-year association with Serie A team Napoli after defecting to the MLS and signing a four-year contract with Toronto FC.

Given his popularity among football fans, the 31-year-old has been sent on a press tour, where he has met a variety of well-known people.

However, it appears that his recent run-in with an NBA superstar has generated a lot of buzz.

Insigne had the good fortune to meet LeBron James, a basketball legend.

Twitter can't get enough of viral picture featuring LeBron James towering over 5ft 4in UEFA Euro winner 2

Insigne posted the pretty amicable conversation between the two sports stars on his Instagram story, and keen-eyed viewers couldn’t help but notice something.

You can clearly notice how different in height they are as 6-foot-9-inch LeBron shook 5-foot-4-inch Insigne’s hand.

LeBron’s index and middle fingers are just almost squeezed between Insigne’s hand and LeBron’s in a screenshot that ESPN provided.

NBA community reacts to height difference between LeBron James and Lorenzo Insigne

On Twitter, one commented on the post, asking, “Why you gotta do my man like that?” while another added, “Shaking a tiny hand, as one person said. “Is Insigne seated or standing”, a third person interjected.

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar is said to be a keen football enthusiast and even has a small ownership stake in Liverpool, a Premier League powerhouse.

With his business partner Maverick Carter, LeBron purchased a 2% ownership in the Reds in 2011. As a result of the team’s recent success, that stake has grown, allowing LeBron to profit handsomely from his investment.

LeBron and RedBird Capital Partners formally joined the Fenway Sports Group (FSG) in 2021, ten years after his initial investment.

Here are a few more reactions to the picture:


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