Toto Wolff children: Learn all about powerful Mercedes boss’ kids


Toto Wolff children: Here is all you need to know about the children of the Mercedes F1 team’s boss

Toto Wolff is the father of three kids. He has two sons, namely Jack Wolff and Benedict Wolff, along with a daughter named Rosa Wolff. Toto’s wife Susie Wolff is the mother of Jack, while Benedict and Rosa are from his previous marriage.

Toto Wolff with wife and children
Toto Wolff children and wife

Toto Wolff children, wife and family

Toto Wolff and his current spouse Suzanne Wolff, often referred to as Susie, joyfully welcomed their firstborn, Jack Wolff, into the world on April 10, 2017, at a hospital located in Zurich, Switzerland. Susie took to Twitter to announce the birth of their child, sharing a heartwarming photo featuring the baby and his father.

She expressed her immense happiness and overflowing love, emphasizing that she felt like bursting with joy. Right from a young age, Jack Wolff demonstrated a passion for cars, reflecting his enthusiasm for automobiles.

Beyond being his mother’s cherished son, he also holds a special place in the hearts of his grandparents. Toto Wolff and Susie involve Jack in Kart games and occasionally take him on car rides, hinting at a future where the young Wolff might carve out a career that resonates with the roaring spirit of racing, potentially even surpassing the accomplishments of his parents.

With a blend of excitement and curiosity, it remains to be seen what path Jack Wolff will ultimately tread. Intriguingly, Christian Horner, a professional rival to Toto, also sees his own children actively participating in races. If both of these Formula 1 team principals’ offspring decide to pursue racing careers, it could set the stage for a future where the Wolff-Horner rivalry continues on the racetrack.

Toto Wolff son
Toto Wolff children: One of Toto’s kid’s

Toto Wolff Children: Does he have kids from a previous marriage

Prior to the arrival of Jack, Toto Wolff had already experienced parenthood with his ex-wife, Stephanie, resulting in two children.

The couple’s marriage spanned a decade before they eventually went their separate ways. Regrettably, it appears that they had agreed to keep their family matters private upon parting, which has led to limited information being available about their son, Benedict Wolff, and daughter, Rosa Wolff.

Benedict held the role of communications manager for an F1 school team, which achieved qualification for the World Finals in Texas. On the other hand, not much is publicly known about Toto Wolff’s daughter, Rosa Wolff, although it can be reasonably assumed that she is in good health.

Toto Wolff’s wife Susie Wolff

Susie Wolff, a former Scottish professional racing driver, now holds the role of managing director at the F1 Academy. Her journey intertwined with her future spouse, Toto Wolff, when she was racing for Mercedes-Benz in DTM, and he co-owned HWA AG.

Their romantic connection developed over a year, culminating in Toto proposing to her on a Venetian boat. The couple exchanged their vows in Capri in the year 2011. Presently, Susie resides in Monaco alongside her husband and their children.

Toto Wolff wife
Toto Wolff wife

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