Top 10 Games to Play if you Like Stellaris



Looking for similar games like Stellaris? Here’s our listicle with a variety of games, these games are perfect replacements for Stellaris. 

Stellaris from Paradox Development Studio and Paradox Interactive is a 4x grand strategy game. You take charge of an interstellar civilization from a galactic stage and fight against enemies to save your region. You need to explore, travel, and colonize across various locations and factions in the entire galaxy to complete major events. A real-time grand strategy game that takes place in a galaxy in a distant world. Choose your empires and species with either negative or positive traits.

Interact with alien races and defeat all AI generated enemies. Explore various locations and build your empire with different troops and species. Overall, Stellaris is a stunning sci-fi space and 4x strategy game. Stellaris is a unique genre and many strategy games have drawn inspiration from Stellaris. Even the developers of Stellaris have launched several games that are similar to Stellaris and have s the same gameplay elements, mechanics, and genres. Here are some similar science fiction x4 space strategy games like Stellaris that you can play right now in 2023.

Top 10 Games like Stellaris

Here are the best games like Stellaris to play in 2023.

Kerbal Space Program 

Kerbal Space Program is a space simulation game from the team of Squad and Private divisions. A space flight exploration game where you craft many components and upgrade your spaceship. Your goal is to take your space program to the top level and complete missions by exploring the galaxy. The Kerbal solar system is available to guide your troops throughout the missions. 

Build new space stations and launch your space program with innovative technology and components. You along with Kerbals have to hustle hard to make your project a successful sci-fi space flight simulation game. Kerbal Space Program has three in-game modes and you can unlock each mode as you progress in the game.

Crusader Kings II

The official sequel to Crusader Kings, Crusader Kings II is a grand strategy and action adventure that takes place in a medieval world. The entire game is set in the Middle Ages and you can embark on your journey between January 1, 1066, and December 31, 1337. The period where you take control of a medieval Dynasty and you will play till 1453. You can pick a Christian lord and be the savior of their Dynasty. Your goal is to gather piety points and prestige. The competitive multiplayer mode of Crusader Kings II allows you to join up to 32 players. Find the unsolved mysteries in courtiers and vassals, fight against the Moor, the Heathen, and finally the Heretic.

Imperator: Rome

Imperator Rome is a historical simulation game from the makers of Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio. A grand strategy war game that takes place between AUC 450 (304 BCE) to AUC 727 (27 BCE). The storyline travels across 7000 cities including the Iberian peninsula, India, and other parts of the world. The new features included are character management, a diverse population, new battle tactics, military traditions, different governmental types, and trade.

Travel across the ancient Mediterranean sea and other parts of the world to complete missions and acquire resources for your province and people. Trust gods and prepare for battles. Use swords and other weapons to kill enemies. You can utilize the battle tactic feature to combat against your foes. Overall, Imperator Rome is an incredible war strategy game that’s a perfect replacement for Stellaris.


RimWorld from Ludeon Studios is a sci-fi colony sim and construction and management simulation video game. The storyline is set in the distant future and you won’t be able to travel faster than light or other objects in the game. A massive survival thriller where your role is to safeguard innocent people. The major in-game events are initiated by an AI Storyteller. You will be given missions and stories based on your strengths, current situation, and also background by the AI storyteller. Randy Random, Phoebe Chillax, and Classic Cassandra are the three major in-game AI Story tellers who possess different traits and skills. You can also choose the location on which you wish to continue playing missions. You can choose any biome like Jungle, Desert, Cold Northern Tundra, or a Temperate Forest. 

Complete missions and you can also tame and train animals like chickens, cats, grizzly bears, and more that will also help and guide you throughout the missions.

You can also use prosthetics like primitive or transcendent to repair your damaged body parts. The game has Permadeath mode and reload mode. Your ultimate goal is to save the people and colony from enemies and animals.

Polaris Sector 

Polaris Sector is a space simulation game from Slitherine Ltd and SoftWarWare team. A unique and real-time strategy game that takes place in space and other locations in the galaxy. You need to defeat enemies from various factions and upgrade your interstellar empire. You need to protect your ships and use them for wars. There’s also an auto-resolve mode that you can utilize to complete missions automatically. Overall, Polaris is a 4x sci-fi strategy game where you explore different locations in space and the galaxy. The tactical combats with different mechanics are the major reasons for the game’s massive success.

Endless Space 

Endless Space is a turn-based sci-fi strategy game that takes place in space. A 4X turn-based strategy that takes place in the endless universe and galaxy full of dark enemies. You can explore different solar systems, planets, and galaxies to hire new heroes and complete missions against every AI enemy.

Players need to take charge of fictional space age civilizations and you are assigned various tasks. You will be one among the many leaders of interstellar empires, complete tactical battles that are set in 3000 AD. Choose different traits, classes, and units to upgrade your civilization.

Age of Empires IV 

Age of Empires IV is one of the best games from the Age of Empires franchise. An award-winning game from the makers of Relic Entertainment and World’s Edge. Age of Empires is always known for its historic battles that take place in the ancient period. Stunning visuals, locations, non-stop action, swords, new masteries, and modes make it one of the best games. Age of Empires IV Features 8 Maps along with a plethora of locations and 2 New Ancient Civilizations. You are the leader of West Africa, you need to recruit your troops and build your empire by completing wars.

Explore various civilizations which include English, Spanish, Dutch, Delhi Sultanate, Chinese, and more. Play the game in different modes and defeat your enemies to progress in the game. Overall, Age of Empires IV is a classic strategy game.

Lord of Rigel 

Lord of Rigel is a 4X turn-based game from the makers of Iceberg Interactive and Rhombus Studios. A sci-fi simulation where the world is divided into two ancient elder races and you can join either of them or go solo. Find Galactic council politics and kill grand menaces. You can also recruit troops from the military force to save your galaxy from disaster.

Victoria 3 

Victoria 3 is a grand strategy from the makers of Paradox Development Studio and Paradox Interactive. A sequel to Victoria 2, where the storyline takes place between 1836 to 1936. There are more than 100 ancient countries and you can pick anyone and travel in those periods to complete missions. The game also has politics and demographics, gameplay mechanics, and elements. Know the history of the 19th century and be the commander of your troops and country, complete missions, and restore humanity in your region. You also need to regroup your constitution and government to gain an advantage in wars. Defeat enemies to increase your resources and economy. Utilize your military strength and defeat every enemy that intrudes on your country. Victoria 3 is a world class game that will never get you bored.

Destiny 2  

Destiny 2 from Bungie is an epic and classical fps that takes place in the open world. Many features and locations of Destiny 2 will stun you. An MMO where you will explore the solar systems and their locations like Moon, Mars, Earth, and Nessus. You are known as guardians and choose one class from the available three classes which include Hunter, Warlock, and Titan. Tussle against other guardians and AI enemies on every planet and unlock new weapons.

There are new exotic weapons and you can also get weekly rewards and exotic weapons. Complete challenges, missions, and bounties to unlock new rewards and guns. Every gun has traits and perks. PvP, PvE, and weekly challenges are available. There are both co-op and competitive multiplayer in-game modes in Destiny 2. Exotic weapons and armor are your best friends for missions in the game. A deeply immersive story and intense battles make this one of the best games like Stellaris. Destiny 2, the Lightfall Expansion is also released and you can expect more seasons in this edition. 

These are the 10 best games like Stellaris. Play these games and you are sure to become a fan of them.

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