The Silent Hill franchise has been silent for a while now. And till we get some new games in the franchise check out some games like Silent Hill that you can play till then.

Silent Hill is undoubtedly one of the biggest survival horror franchises. We can certainly vouch that this is one of the best games in this genre. It has a dense, ominous atmosphere which is quite immersive for a horror-loving player and the story is also quite intriguing that lets you solve mysteries and experience a spooky adventure.

No matter how old the game gets the essence of this game cannot be taken away. The developers of Silent Hill have inspired the world to make more such games and now we have more amazing games like Silent Hill that also let you experience a similar adventure. Here is a list of games like Silent Hill that you can play right now.

Top Games like Silent Hill

Dead Space

Playstation, Xbox, Steam

games like silent hill Dead Space
Dead Space

Dead Space is a game that can never be forgotten. Most people recall the lonesome USG Ishimura’s hallways and how this environment evoked a sense of fear that few other horror games have yet to match. It helped that Isaac Clarke was a really compelling character whose personal biography wove into the plot really nicely, despite the fact that he never said a word.

System Shock 2


System Shock 2 is another immersive horror game that will keep you haunted for a long time. This deals with the isolation of space and tells a compelling story in which you have to keep an eye on yourself from every corner. It is similar to Dead Space.

P.T. Survival Game


P.T. Survival Game games like silent hill
P.T. Survival Game

This is yet another horrifying game in the horror genre after Silent Hill. All of these things might seem like a lot of work, but any fan of horror games would agree that it’s worthwhile to put in the extra effort if it means getting to play one of the genre’s most innovative titles. So this is a must-try!

The Mortuary Assistant

Nintendo, Steam

This is a first-person horror game and your role is to prepare dead bodies for a funeral. If you are a person who can handle dealing with other people’s bodies this is the one. Don’t think it’s easy enough as you will be encountering some devils while you do the process and will have a creepy experience.



Siren games like silent hill

Siren also is based on a survival horror game and is like Silent Hill, but is a unique one in this genre. It is based on a group of characters with telepathic abilities with which they can see through the eyes of others. They are lost in a village and are prone to be infected by undead monsters namely Shibito. You have to use your powers and avoid becoming prey to Shibito and survive in this village.

Rule of Rose

This is a psychological horror game that focuses on symbolism and belongs to the cult series of classic Rule of Rose. The game is based on a childhood trauma story and cruelty with some disturbing scenes. This game faced a lot of controversy given its disturbing cuts but it’s worth trying this out if you like stories that are emotionally immersive and has a very strong horror element.

The Evil Within 2

PlayStation, XBOX, Steam

The Evil Within 2 is based on an era of survival horror just like Silent Hill where you need to keep a track of all the sources you have and use them wisely to survive as it’s a matter of death and life.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

PlayStation, XBOX, Nintendo

Daniel awakens in the looming halls of the big castle of Prussian Brennenburg. He can only remember three things about himself: his name, the place h essays, and that now he is being hunted. Thus begins Daniel’s horror journey in Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Fatal Frame

Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, Steam

This one revolves around a psychological horror theme. Mayufu Hinaski goes missing while he is looking for his tutor Junsei Takamine and his assistants. You as a player will be his sister and go to search for him in a haunted mansion. In your search, you will come across creepy ghosts and jump scares. Will you make it through? Try the game to know it for yourself.


 Nintendo SwitchPlaystation, Steam

Detention games like silent hill

Can you imagine a school Detention turning into a horror story? well here is that. It is based in 1960s Taiwan, Wei Chung Ting falls asleep in a class and upon waking up he finds himself in an empty school campus due to the incoming typhoon He finds a senior Fang Ray and the two of them realize that the place they call school is now ruined to become a nightmare as now its enveloped with evil creatures. Would they survive? Depends on how you play the game.

These are all the games that you can try out if you are looking for games just like Silent Hill. These games are like Silent Hill to a very great extent and you will find many things similar to it. Which game out of these do you think you can survive without getting scared?

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