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Looking for games like Loop Hero? Explore deep underground locations, dungeons, and slay all monsters in these ten games.

Loop Hero is a Tactical RPG from the team of Devolver Digital and Four Quarters. Here, you battle against mystical enemies by unleashing some powerful deck with unique cards. The game has all Roguelike elements and a unique loop feature is also added. Play as a hero and choose any class. You can complete small quests and then move on to the different expeditions of Loop Hero.

Use skills and perks to defeat all monstrous creatures and unlock new cards by defeating all random bosses as well. The game is all about wielding powerful cards and decks to slash enemies. You can unlock new upgrades for campsites and reinforcements. Every loop will be difficult as you explore different terrains and buildings as well. Don’t get trapped inside any loop as this might bring in more confusions. Progress accordingly and complete the objectives in the correct orders as well.

Overall, Loop Hero is an amazing deck-building game where you survive and fight against the evil force, Lich, and end the timeless loop as well. If you loved playing Loop Hero, here are some more games like Loop Hero to play in 2023.

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Best Games Like Loop Hero 

Here are ten amazing games that will test your skills and temperament just like Loop Hero.  Play these games to explore similar content and stories just like Loop Hero,

Iron Brigade

Iron Brigade is a third-person co-op shooter game from the makers of Double Fine Productions. An exciting Tower Defense shooter game where you play as a member of the Mobile Trench Brigade. You take part in massive battles and wars in the regions of Africa, Europe, and the Pacific. The wars will be challenging and you have to survive till the end to stay intact during the battles.

You can use all loot, battle machines, and loadouts using mobile firepower and stationary defenses as well. Fight against the tubes and other tanks in survival and defense missions.  Complete all boss fights and save your brigade from the evil Monovision Menace. Defend your towers and complete all missions across all nations. Iron Brigade is a top-notch tower defense shooter game with unique content, locations, and features.

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Inscryption is a fast-paced roguelike deck-building game. Here, you have to explore all horror-filled locations and complete puzzle quests. Escape room style puzzles are intriguing and filled with mysteries. You also have to discover the stories behind Odyssey and Leshy’s Cabin. Discover everything about the fictional world of Inscryption and you have to use the right decks and cards to progress further. Complete all acts of Inscryption and unlock more stories. Inscryption is a gripping adventure game and one of the best games to play if you like Loop Hero.

Card Hog

Card Hog is a unique pig-based dungeon crawler from the team of SnoutUp. Play as a Hog and use all spells, cards, and decks to defeat enemies. Hogs are colorful Pigs and you can choose one before starting the game. This is a turn-based deck-building game where you have to play in various modes and defeat all bosses as well. There are more than 100 cards along with some perks. You can choose one Hog and fight against enemies. The game also has a local multiplayer mode as well. Overall, Card Hog is a colorful simulation game where you can play as Hogs and complete battles.

Monster Train

Monster Train is a strategy-based deck-building game from Shiny Shoe. The game begins on a monster train in hell. Your goal is to fight against enemies and save the Inferno as well. You have to play on 3 Vertical fields and defend them successfully as well. Use passive bonuses and their effects on your cards to outwit enemies. There’s also an option to place a duplicate card in your decks as well.

Play across all maps from the available clans. Once you clear all stages, the final boss fight will be available. Monster Train has more than 25 covenant levels, 20 events, 200 cards, and 5 monster clans as well. An incredible deck-building game that never fails to bore.

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Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire is a deck-building game where you can find gameplay elements and mechanics of both Roguelike and card games. You have to climb the dangerous spire and complete battles. There are plenty of levels in each spire and you can deploy the best cards. Choose your cards and relics to fight against monsters. Keep reaching new spires to find some clues and new rewards as well.

Climb the spire and explore every level. You can fuse the relics to your card to unleash magical powers. There are different encounters and you get more cards for completing these combat levels. Every character in Slay the Spire boasts different powers and traits. You can swap them based on the levels in the game. Slay the Spire game is all yours to slay.

For the King

For the King is an open-world strategy game from the team of Curve Games and IronOak Games. You can play in the game’s co-op multiplayer mode and explore all realms to play unique missions. The Kingdom of Fahrul is in a gloomy situation after the sudden murder of the King. You play as a warrior and stop the chaos and follow all the orders of the Queen to save the Kingdom.

Kill all foes that intrude Fahrul in a fast-paced turn-based combat. You can set up camps across the Kingdom and stop the invasion as well. Use weapons, skills, and loot resources for battles. Explore every map and take on mighty bosses. Complete all quests and playthroughs to progress in the game.

Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb is a Dungeon crawler. The game has both Roguelike and Colony Sim elements. Play as a Lamb and save your cult. Recruit trainers from your cult and prepare them for battles. Explore the Old faith locations and unravel the mysterious secrets. Play as the God of Death in all PvE challenges. Become a cult leader by using your skills and talents. Cult of the Lamb has some challenging tasks and your only role is to be the savior of your cult and become the best cult leader as well. You can also play across all expansions on the map.

Dungeon of Dragon Knight

An incredible Dungeon Crawler RPG where you play as a gang in a mysterious dungeon. The game is set in a modern virtual design location and you have to fight against the witch. You play as a team and recruit the best skills for your party. The quest is to find the Evil Dragon Knight and the treasure weapons. Keep unleashing your skills and fight against the witches and demons that stop your progression in the game.

The witch will stop your party with traps and monsters on your way. You can use special magic powers like spells and runes. Avoid all traps and overcome them to solve puzzles. There will be non-stop traps in the dungeons and you have to be careful of every move that you make. Dungeon of Dragon Knight is a stunning RPG that has all features to keep you hooked thoroughly. Play this game for a remarkable dungeon crawler experience like never before.

Nuclear Throne 

Nuclear Throne is a post-apocalyptic action thriller game from the team of Vlambeer. A top-down shooter game where you have to survive and fight for food and resources. Explore the post-apocalyptic wastelands, and use your weaponry and abilities to kill all dark creatures. Cross all levels and reach the destination, Nuclear Throne. That’s everyone’s ultimate goal in the game. Crafting food and weapons will be an uphill task. You have to cross all paths and hurdles against the dark forces of the game.

The journey will not be easier as you have to tackle and take down enemies that stop your goals. There will be new mutants and monsters in each chapter, kill them and unlock new skills and mutate some limbs as well. Every chapter in Nuclear Throne has a complicated ending and you have to progress by choosing the right stories. You will get plenty of rewards and resources in each chapter. Overall, Nuclear Throne is an excellent shooter game to play if you like Loop Hero.

Halls of Torment

Halls of Torment is an action RPG from Chasing Carrots. The plot begins in the world of Torment and you have to use all skills and trinkets to slay monsters and avoid the horrors as well. You can freely explore the abyss and other underground expanses to fight against new monsters. Every play lasts for 30 minutes and it will be a nail biting moment. Complete all brutal battles and demolish all monsters as well.

Equip all skills, items, and trinkets, and fuse them with your character’s traits. Complete boss fights to unlock new challenges in underground worlds along with new characters as well. Overall, Halls of Torment is a terrific survival thriller game.

Loop Hero has been an excellent game over the years. If you loved playing it, then these ten games that have similar features , content and gameplay mechanics like Loop Hero are all yours to explore, enjoy, and experience. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.

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