Why this is the perfect time for Cesc Fabregas to find a new club

Cesc Fabregas has had an almost unbelievable career in the Premier League. He has played a total of 350 games in the English top-flight, having recently achieved that mark in Chelsea‘s 0-0 home draw against a struggling Southampton side.

He has 50 Premier League goals and an inexplicable 111 assists. He is also the holder of the 2nd highest number of Premier League assists behind only to Ryan Giggs who has 162. But Giggs had a much longer Premier League career than Fabregas did.

He is still only 31, which by footballing standards, is not that old. Still capable of brilliance on his day, Cesc would be an excellent addition to any side not just in the Premier League. His best option would be moving to a relatively smaller team where he is guaranteed more first-team football.

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Fabregas has developed into a pass master over the years. His range is unmatched and the quality of every ball he plays is exquisite. The beauty of his passes lies in their simplicity. The fact that he can look up and find passing lanes that opposition defenders cannot even dream of is what has made him stand out.

He is not the fastest or the strongest but what makes him an amazing player is his sheer technical ability on the ball. Capable of some slick flicks and neat touches, his short passing is sublime and he barely every misplaces a ground ball.

But Fabregas wouldn’t be Fabregas with his wide array of long passes. Over time we’ve seen him use his right foot, left foot and head. In fact, the Spaniard has assisted most players he has played with using most parts of his body.

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He is probably the most technical player to grace the footballing world since the rise of Andrea Pirlo at Juventus. A highlight reel of Cesc Fabregas’ best passes would be an extremely interesting and entertaining watch for any real football fan.

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With reports from Calcio Mercato suggesting that he is close to a deal with AS Monaco of the Ligue 1, it would really be the end of an era in the Premier League.

Realistically, fans of the English game will never forget the likes of Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes. Cesc Fabregas has done more than enough to fall into that category already even though he still has years left in his playing career.

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