The Pepper Grinder Grind: How This New Game Stacks Up Against the Competition?


Pepper Grinder is the newest entry in the long list of indie titles that are capturing the magic of old games.

Pepper Grinder is here for people to experience and play. This is a game by the publisher Devolver Digital, one of the few publishers that support indie gaming. On paper, the game comes under a long list of indie titles that have similar gameplay and graphics.

The developers can be creative with such titles as long as they have a good publisher like Devolver Digital. There might be a chance that a lot of these games might be overlooked because of the huge number of titles that are available in this genre. This game specifically seems like something that the developers put their craft and hard work into, and the gameplay seems amazing.

Pepper Grinder
Pepper Grinder Cover

Pepper Grinder- Gameplay

Pepper Grinder combines typical 2D platforming games that are reminiscent of old games such as Mario but it adds a twist to it. The main protagonist, called Pepper has a grinder that can drill through the earth, and it can swim like dolphins in water.

The Name of the game Pepper Grinder does not seem apt to the title, but once people play the game it will suit the name. Like other 2D platforming games there are loads of collectibles to get and a bunch of enemies that the main protagonist faces. On top of that, the pepper grinder can also be used as a weapon to demolish enemies and collect goodies that are hidden deep under the earth.

peppergrinder 01 feature
Pepper Grinder Gameplay

This game’s graphic design is reminiscent of nostalgic titles and has a pixelated art design the soundtracks also seem something out of her 90s video game which is goofy fun and certainly enjoyable.

The plot of the game revolves around Pepper who has a passion for recovering her missing fortune. This game also reminds me of the old Aladdin game which was one of the best classics released back in 90s. Recently another game called Celeste had a similar gameplay style but Celeste was brutally difficult when it comes to precise movements and platforming.

Pepper Grinder- How does it compare with other titles?

Since the game was just released it might take a while for players to experience and compare it with other indie titles. The just of the game already seems different and it’s not a typical 2D platformer game as you have a weapon that can drill through the earth and used as a tool for exploration.

Such features are not present in recent indie titles so this might stand out as one of the most innovative titles released in the past generation. Let’s see how the gaming community takes this title and hopefully, it gets positive reviews from all around.

peppergrinderreleasedatetrailer ign blogroll 1708529393183
Pepper Grinder Screenshot

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What genre is Pepper Grinder?

Pepper Grinder is a 2D platformer game with a focus on exploration and collecting “Coins”.

When is the release date of Pepper Grinder?

The release date of Pepper Grinder is on the 28th of March 2024.

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