The Fiend finally seems to have met his match in Randy Orton

This week’s WWE Raw started off with a bang as The Fiend had to save someone special.

Randy Orton was upset with The Fiend after his shot at Drew McIntyre’s title was taken away from him.

Randy Orton seems to have found the kryptonite for The Fiend
Randy Orton and Alexa bliss on Raw (WWE)

However, The Viper hit back at the freak with some mind games of his own.

1) The weakness

The Fiend has been near-indestructible since coming to WWE. However, Orton seems to have found his weakness.

Alexa Bliss was targeted by The Fiend but Orton had hold of her and things took a different turn.

It was incredible to see The Fiend literally beg Orton for Bliss back, and The Viper might just have the upper hand on his new rival.

2) Slapping the leader

Mustafa Ali has had his moments since becoming the leader of Retribution. However, last week’s Raw wasn’t a great outing for him.

While Reckoning lost to Dana Brooke, the evening started off poorly. Brooke slapped Ali for getting attacked a few weeks back.

Reckoning’s attack ensured that Brooke wouldn’t be able to participate at Survivor Series. But she seems to be doing quite well on her own.

3) Making Jey sweat

Jey Uso felt the heat after he spoke out of turn on SmackDown. Roman Reigns has warned Uso from not crossing the limit and well, the cousin did it again this week.

Reigns and Uso were to team up and face Otis and Kevin Owens, after Jey opened his mouth and accepted a challenge.

However, Reigns didn’t come out for the match and Uso had to start it all off as Owens and Otis dominated him two-on-one.

4) Hell hath no fury like Reigns

Reigns, however, did come out later and went berserk on Otis. He destroyed Dozer with the steel steps and it was impossible for Otis to continue.

More was to follow later on as he attacked Owens with a chair. Reigns also made Uso pay for his transgressions earlier.

Reigns isn’t taking anyone for granted and ensuring that he stays on top. Family or foe, it doesn’t matter for the Tribal Chief and Uso, hopefully, learned a lesson in all this.

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